Living With Herpes- Why Living With Herpes Is Not As Bad As It Is Made Out To Be

living with herpes

It is not an uncommon thing to see people living there entire life carrying the virus inside their bodies. But then why living with herpes is given so much hype unnecessarily. No doubt it is a disease that is bothering mankind and spreading with a very high speed. Also everybody will agree that the reoccurring episodes of outbreaks, the irritating cold sores and the symptoms really create trouble in our lives. Still I would say that living with herpes is not as much traumatic as it is made out to be.

Dealing with herpes isn’t typically harmful at all; it is just more of an inconvenience rather than a complicated state. It does not lead to any other serious diseases. It does not cause long-term deterioration of anything, and will not cause a person to be unhealthy in any way. It just means that you sometimes get cold sores, usually on your mouth or on your genitals.

The virus for which so much of research is going on is not as much dangerous as it is thought to be. Actually there are times when this herpes simplex virus comes into action and that leads to outbreaks. But do you know when it occurs? Or do you really have an idea of how many times the virus becomes active in one’s lifetime?

Let me tell you that many people live their lives carrying the virus and never have any symptoms. There are herpes patients who have the virus and due to no or mild attacks do not know they are infected. It seems hard to believe but it is really true that many people with herpes die without even realizing their infection. Unfortunately that is not the case with everyone infected. But among the rest also there are people who only had just one episode of attack and no symptoms appeared thereafter. Then what makes it such a big cause of concern? Is it really something that dangerous? If so, then how should we cure herpes.

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by herpes simplex virus. This virus can easily manage to enter the human body and lives there permanently once it is into us. Firstly the name virus itself is scary enough as we know that it is impossible to kill every trace of herpes simplex virus. Above that there is social rejection of this disease and its patients due to its ease of transmission. These factors have altogether contributed to creating myths about herpes.

All of us have a tendency to easily believe on anybody’s words. We do not even feel the need to verify the facts and have our own view in most of the cases. It is important to understand the cycle and traits of herpes simplex virus first before presuming anything. None of us have bothered to find out the truth because we find it more convenient to trust others words. But sometimes we don’t even realize and the cost of just following the band wagon is very high.

More than twenty two percent of adult Americans from all backgrounds, age and gender have Herpes simplex virus -2. Like Herpes simplex virus type 1, type 2 is usually mild, so mild that two- thirds of infected people don’t even know they have it. HSV-2 rarely causes complications or spreads to other parts of the body but, curing of herpes is important.

HerpesLiving with Herpes is not life threatening its just painful and inconvenient at times. HSV generally remains dormant. Many people never have symptoms even though they are carrying the virus. The symptoms, if they occur, are primary infection symptoms and recurrent infection symptoms. Primary infection symptoms, occurring when the person is initially infected, are usually more severe than succeeding recurrences.

The common symptoms may last till 20 days and include not feeling well, fever, blisters and ulceration on the cervix, pain while urinating and vaginal discharge, cold sores around the mouth and as blisters on the genitals.

Subsequent infections tend to be less severe and do not last as long as primary one, because the patient’s body has built up some immunity to the virus.

These were the only possible physical challenges that the patients living with herpes faces. And for these, we have antiviral medicines that are effective in suppressing the symptoms, dealing with the sudden outbreak and decreasing the frequency of the outbreaks.

Although it is true that herpes cannot be cured, but this does not necessarily makes it a very harmful disease. It still remains a manageable condition that can be treated. Antiviral medications can help stop herpes from multiplying and can be used to prevent recurrent outbreaks. After sometime you may experience negligible outbreaks or no outbreaks at all. It is possible to have an outbreak without any symptoms. How good is that? You have the virus active but you are not even aware about it. but for a few years you may need to treat the cold sores.

Initial treatment is given when you are first diagnosed with herpes symptoms like cold sores. The first outbreak is considered to be most sever one and may last for longer duration. The reoccurring symptoms will become milder with time. Reoccurrences shortens the amount of time a person experiences the symptoms. Hence the later on medicines can be given accordingly.

As for many other diseases, for herpes also natural methods are proving to be more suitable than other alternatives. Natural cure for herpes are clearly becoming more and more popular these days. Patients are leaving behind the unfruitful medicines and are moving towards the natural methods.

It is not herpes, but, its social stigma that kills you. Click here to know about how herpes affects your life.

You can always have the same effect generated by natural products that you buy as medicine and conveniently eliminate the side effects from them. For herpes, we luckily have substitute for every medicine available in nature. These natural treatments helps in healing and relieve from symptoms as fast as any other medicine does, not only this they have additional benefits in terms of good health.

With these many options available, life becomes easier. You can live like you never had the infection. It is almost like curing the disease, isn’t it? Living with herpes is not so bad because of two reasons. First is that the severity of all the other outbreaks if at all they occur, decreases exponentially. Above this there are antiviral therapies available to manage the mild attacks, and natural remedies to deal with the outbreaks. If you are well aware of the facts and are concerned enough to minimize the symptoms, living with herpes is not as bad as it is made out to be. You can have a normal social life and be healthy like anyone else around you despite of being living with herpes. You are perfectly healthy even if you have herpes, just like one of the sixty percent of people who get the cold sores once I their lifetime.

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