Hydrogen Peroxide For Cold Sores – How Can Hydrogen Peroxide Cure Herpes?

hydrogen peroxide cold sores treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide For Cold Sores – Is It Effective Enough to Cure Herpes?

Avoiding fluid formation in cold sores is as impossible as avoiding cold sores in herpes outbreak. You can not do anything but watch the virus entering into your body first, and then you silently observe outbreaks because here also you cannot do much. But yes, you can actually control the cold sores. You can really stop the fluid from oozing out of the cold sores. You can make them dry out fast and can also avoid itching. The process also is simple enough.

All you need is hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment. When everything goes out of the way, hydrogen peroxide for cold sores is the only tool that will help you get out of the hell created by the cold sores and their torturing symptoms. Can you guess what is worst about cold sores? Some will say it is the pain, while others will mark the itching as the most torturing symptom of cold sores. I think the worst part is the humiliation you see on the faces outside when they notice the cold sores on your face.

Cold Sores and Herpes

Herpes is a viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus. Often we see cold sores on many known and unknown faces. Immediately after looking at the cold sores we conclude that it is herpes. It might be possible that cold sores are often caused by herpes simplex virus, but sometimes it is an allergic reaction to a specific type of food that is causing the skin to break out. So, you have to get things tested in order to know whether it is herpes or a common sore. When did you see your first sore? Could you relate it directly to herpes or you were in dilemma? Cold sores are not herpes all the time, and cold sores are often more than mere skin breakouts. So, you never know what it is until you go for a test.

Cold sores are often accompanied with some other symptoms like tiredness, fever, headaches, body ache, and even nausea. If you see cold sores along with other symptoms, it is better to go for a herpes test because clarity is the first step to treatment. Whether you use home remedies like hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment or something else is the secondary question, but before that getting accurately tested for herpes is important. Once you are clear that you have herpes, accept it and move towards the right and effective herpes treatment.

The Territory of Herpes and Cold Sores

The toll of herpes patients, either oral or genital herpes, is increasing at an unbelievable speed. No doubt the stats are surprising, but if you also take into account the herpes patients who die without even realizing that they were infected, the data will be even more shocking. Herpes simplex virus has reached almost everyone in the United States. It is just that some people do not realize that they are infected because they either had no symptoms of herpes outbreaks, or they had very mild symptoms which were not strong enough to indicate clearly that they had herpes.

Till a few years back, we did not have any platform like internet on which we can discuss everything related to herpes without even revealing our identity. Luckily today, we have so many forums, discussion groups and newsgroups that we can see what are the symptoms of herpes and detect the infection even when the symptoms are mild. This way we will not only know what is going on in our bodies, but we will also have less chances of becoming a transmitter. By being aware of your infection you can save life of many others around you. This is why internet is the perfect gift for all those who are suffering from herpes and also for those who really want to avoid the infection.


cold soresWhat makes herpes difficult?

There are more myths about herpes infection than factual information among the herpes sufferers because the topic is not discussed openly. Discussing about it is considered to be a crime. This social stigma of herpes makes it more difficult to bear and treat than the infection itself. If you want to know more about how to deal with herpes in that case, click here. On internet also to find authentic and factual information, you have to search really hard. These myths ad irrelevant information adds to the sufferings of poor herpes patients. For instance, it is said that herpes simplex virus- 2 causes genital herpes and herpes simplex type- 1 virus causes oral herpes or cold sores. How many of you know that genital herpes can also be caused by herpes simplex virus 1? This is just one example and for every aspect of herpes you will see varying information on different websites. Hence I have decided to write about herpes, to help out all the herpes patients like me, struggling to get the right information. Here you will get every minor detail about herpes, cold sores and the perfect treatment- hydrogen peroxide for cold sores.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide, chemically known as Dihydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic that we often use for cleansing wounds and cuts. There are many reasons for keeping this product in our kitchen as apart from skin care and wound healing, it is used for many other purposes. Using hydrogen peroxide for cold sores is a good idea but relatively new. You might have applied hydrogen peroxide on minor cuts without realizing the role of this liquid. Do you know why the doctor recommends you to use hydrogen peroxide? Because hydrogen peroxide can make the cuts heal fast and it can also prevent any infection from occurring at the site off cut or wound.

The skin on and around the cut is wide open, and hence it is an invitation to many bacteria, fungus and even viruses. The chances of infection in the cuts or wounds are pretty good in deeper cuts as well. Hydrogen peroxide can help you by preventing these infections. This product has the capabilities of saving you from almost all the pathogens and micro organisms.

Uses of hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is usually used for cleaning of the skin affected by wounds. Apart from cleaning and healing, the dead tissues accumulated at the site are also swiped out with the use of this amazing liquid. In some cases it is also observed that hydrogen peroxide can also stop bleeding of severely bleeding skin. Hydrogen peroxide not only prevents the growth of micro organisms over skin, but it also has the capability to kill the existing bacteria and viruses by oxidative reactions.

Discovery of hydrogen peroxide

Do you have any idea about when hydrogen peroxide was first used by mankind? We have heard this name since the day we were born, but the credit of the discovery of hydrogen peroxide goes to Louis Jacques Thénard. The year of discovery was 1818; no other product has been able to replace this amazing cleansing agent since then. Hydrogen peroxide was first produced by treating barium peroxide with nitric acid. And today there are many methods for the production with so many industrial, medicinal and house hold uses.

hydrogen peroxideYou can easily grab a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment, wound cleaning, or any other purpose from the health store near your house. Hydrogen peroxide is most commonly available as a solution in water, with concentration varying from very low to very high. The only thing user should be aware of is the concentration he or she wants to use. For higher concentrations, make sure you consult your doctor. Here are some of the benefits of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Nothing is a better disinfectant than hydrogen peroxide. It is applied on cuts and wounds frequently because it helps in prevention of any bacterial of fungal growth in the skin that is open.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is not loaded with excess of skin harming chemicals; in fact it is very good for skin. Sometimes it is used by people for acne treatment also. Hence you can apply it on you face, neck or anywhere on your body.
  • Sometimes fluid or pus will ooze out of the cut or wound as a result of acute infection. Hydrogen peroxide will stop the fluid from forming and also cleans up the present infection.
  • Hydrogen peroxide makes it impossible for any type for any type of germs to survive. It is the best germicidal agent, and this is the reason for it being used extensively by every one.
  • The wounds when starts to heel causes skin irritation. Irritation is also felt due to some type of infection developing inside the wound. No matter what the reason behind itching is, it indeed is unbearable and uncomfortable. You can use hydrogen peroxide for cold sores and wounds to get relief in itching.

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How does hydrogen peroxide help in herpes?

Itching, secondary infection in the cold sores and the oozing fluid are the three very common problems associated with cold sores. They are common but very challenging. But the best things is that hydrogen peroxide can take are of everything related to cold sores, including these three. This single product can save you from the irritating itching, the fluid that oozes out from the cold sores before they disappear and also the infection that may results due to itching and fluid.

You don’t have any control over the herpes simplex virus, but you have hydrogen peroxide for cold sores. You cannot actually do much about the frequent herpes outbreaks, and the cold sores resulting from those outbreaks, but you can do everything else do make your situation better. You can sooth your skin in pain by using hydrogen peroxide for colds sores. Hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment is the prefect liquid that takes away all the bad from the cold sores. The germicidal and disinfectant properties in hydrogen peroxide make it the best possible cure for cold sores. All you need is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment and also the awareness about the right way to use hydrogen peroxide.

cold soresHow to use hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment?

No doubt using hydrogen peroxide for cold sores is not difficult but you have to take certain precautions while using it, only then it will be effective. First of all, clean the affected area before using any other product or hydrogen peroxide for cold sores. Secondly, it is also important to check if you are allergic to hydrogen peroxide. Before applying the solution directly on the cold sores try applying it a small portion of your skin. If you don’t feel any itching or other odd reaction, go for the main treatment.

  • Wash your hands with soap.
  • Take a cotton ball and take out some hydrogen peroxide solution in a small bowl.
  • Dip the cotton in hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the skin of your hand if you are using hydrogen peroxide on cold sores for first time.
  • After making sure that you are not allergic to hydrogen peroxide, you can use it directly on the cold sores.
  • Throw the cotton ball after applying it once. If you have cold sores anywhere else on your body, use a fresh unused cotton ball to apply hydrogen peroxide for cols sores.
  • Wash your hands once you are done with the process.
  • Repeat the same process at least twice a day. Use it regularly to gain maximum benefits.

If you follow exactly same procedure, you will be completely safe from all the side effects and allergic consequences. It is as important as it is to keep the sores clean. Keeping the sores is something you should never take for granted. You have to take care of hygiene and cleanliness, when you are infected and also when you are not infected. Hydrogen peroxide for cold sores is best for cleaning and keeping the cold sores infection free.

Other treatments for cold sores

You can also use some natural powders in order to keep the sores dry. One such example is domeboro powder and the other is cornstarch. There are other natural remedies as well that help heal cold sores faster and without any side effects. The key is to keep the sores clean and enhance healing so that you can get rid of these irritating sores soon. With the help of natural herpes remedies, you can say good bye to cold sores.

Antiviral medications like acyclovir, famcyclovir and valaciclovir also claim to make the sores heal quickly. They are famous no doubt, but there are some other factors like cost and side effects associated with antiviral and topical treatments that contribute to the distrust developed among herpes sufferers. You also might have tried some form of antiviral treatment if you are infected with herpes. Read more to know about why you should never use antivirals for herpes treatment.

This is common treatment prescribed by almost every doctor in the United States. But this doesn’t make it the most perfect treatment. For herpes and cold sores you have to select the treatment that is the best, free from side effects, most effective and also convenient to use. Natural treatment is hence preferred by all the herpes patients nowadays, because they have all the ingredients required to defeat herpes virus.

natural herpes remediesHow hydrogen peroxide for cold sores is the best

All of you night have used hydrogen peroxide once in your lifetime, but only a few of you might be aware of the fact that hydrogen peroxide is also produced inside you body. Your body naturally makes Hydrogen peroxide is also produced by the immune system of human body to fight infection. With this you can understand the role of hydrogen peroxide for cold sores as well. Hydrogen peroxide is the best for cold sores because it provides several benefits with no side effects. In fact it is very good for your skin. The topical ointments can make you skin dark on regular applications, but with hydrogen peroxide for cold sores, you can stay calm and stress free.

Side effects and complications

Hydrogen peroxide is available easily, and also with some instructions written on the bottle. You must read the instruction before using hydrogen peroxide for cold sores as using any product according to instructions is the only key to safety. If you are using things properly, or as they are made to be used, you will not face problems. But if you do not use any product according to instructions, no product is safe. This holds true for hydrogen peroxide for cold sores as well. Apart from this, while applying hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment, you have to take the following precautions:

  • Herpes infection also affects your eyes. You can apply hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment anywhere on your body except your eyes. Do not use the solution on your eyes.
  • Sometimes applying hydrogen peroxide on cold sores results in redness, stinging, or irritation at the application site. If you experience these problems for too long and every time you apply hydrogen peroxide, better consult your doctor for an alternative to hydrogen peroxide.
  • Although severe allergic reactions are rarely seen, if the itching and redness on application of hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment persists, stop using the solution immediately.
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be used during pregnancy as well. It is totally safe to use during pregnancy.
  • There are no side effects of hydrogen peroxide, but still overdose can be harmful, so better avoid applying in excess.

Herpes is a life long infection and cold sores are just a part of it. No doubt we have to learn living with it by hook or by crook. Hydrogen peroxide is very good at managing the symptoms of cold sores, avoiding any other infection from occurring in the cold sores and many other such benefits. You must use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the cold sores, and it is the best one for this purpose. You can combine it with some other topical application (preferably natural treatment) to enhance healing.

There are many options like Echinacea, licorice root, aloe vera, monolaurin, and tea bags. If you want to know more about these natural herpes remedies, click here. You can use any one of them, but there is no replacement for hydrogen peroxide. It is must to use hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment, in addition with other treatment methods or alone, it is up to you.

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