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What is Herpes Gladiatorum And How Does It Affect Us?

Also known as herpes of the wrestlers or herpes rugbiorum, herpes gladiatorum is a skin infection caused by herpes simplex virus 1. Yes, the same virus that is responsible for causing oral herpes. Do you know the story behind so many names of one infection?  The herpes gladiatorum is known as herpes of the wrestlers from the day it was reported that in a camp of high school wrestlers 60 out of 175 wrestlers were found to be infected with herpes gladiatorum. This infection is generally passed from one sportsperson to the next and hence it is often associated with sports like rugby. When the virus is the same, you can expect a few similarities between the two infections- herpes gladiatorum and oral herpes. But do you know what the major difference between the two is? Oral herpes is a sexually transmitted disease while herpes gladiatorum is not. Herpes gladiatorum is spread by the same virus but not through the same medium. It doesn’t require you to be sexually engaged with your partner but only skin to skin contact is enough for this virus to migrate to the other body. This makes herpes gladiatorum treatment difficult to be performed. But, it is not the most difficult situation to face, instead, there is something more complicated for us.

Why is it the most complicated among all the infections form Herpes Simplex Virus?

The most complicated situation with herpes gladiatorum is the inability of prevention of transmission. In no way we can make sure that the carrier cannot transmit the same disease to someone else. This is because of the ease with which the herpes simplex virus catches a new host. Mere skin contact is more than enough for it to travel and bother a new human being. This ease of transmission is what is making so many players falling down in the pit of herpes gladiatorum making the herpes gladiatorum treatment more and more difficult with every passing moment. One more fact that makes it a threat is asymptotic shedding. Asymptotic shedding refers to the transfer of the herpes simplex virus into a new host right before any symptoms are observed on the current host and immediately after he is relieved from a recent attack. During this time the host is not in an alert position, either he is not aware of the presence of the virus on his skin in active state, or he has just stopped the treatment thinking it is all over, but the virus stays there waiting to infect a new person. Due to asymptotic shedding also the herpes gladiatorum has managed to infect so many individuals and we are still waiting for herpes gladiatorum treatment only.

Usually the blisters will appear in clusters around the neck, or abdomen and on the inferior limbs or face in some cases. These blisters will look almost similar to those of oral herpes because the causative organism is the same- herpes simplex virus. One suffering from herpes gladiatorum will also observe some rashes on random parts of the body. Apart from these visible symptoms, herpes gladiatorum may also hurt you by raising your body temperature, swelling the lymph node, may make you feel like vomiting or nausea, and occasional headaches will also be a part of the attacks. On an average if you look at herpes gladiatorum patients, you will see the herpes simplex virus activating about one to ten times. Some of you might forget that you have this infection as the last attack was about a year ago. And for others, the herpes virus will not let you relax for more than a month. It depends on several factors, the most important one of them is your life style. Your lifestyle decides how many times you will suffer from the same kind of irritating lesions. Your daily routine will determine how many times the virus living inside you body will overcome your strength and will once again bother you. We cannot establish a direct correlation but yes, a few things altogether sum up to determine the frequency of outbreaks of herpes gladiatorum. If you want a real herpes gladiatorum treatment, at the very first you require taking care of your life-style. Read more to know about the side-effects of medications for herpes.

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For instance if you drink alcohol occasionally, you will definitely suffer from this problem, but, less than a person with the same problem drinking almost daily. Not only alcohol is a triggering element for herpes gladiatorum, but there are a few others like smoking, eating to much spicy food, depending excessively on packaged food items and not taking proper care of your health. You can also minimize the attacks of herpes gladiatorum by regular exercising or doing something like yoga and meditation. While exercising works by enhancing your immunity to diseases, yoga and meditation can do this as well as bring peace to your mind which in turn regulates the herpes gladiatorum cycle. If you are able to pacify your mind and live a stress free life, you have reduced your chances of suffering from this reoccurring infection every now and then by half. Yes, 50% of the chances are created by your brain and the rest depends on your food habits and physical activities. By taking care of all these things you can prevent the trouble waiting for you in future. As you know that there is not permanent way to achieve herpes gladiatorum treatment, you need to keep yourself stress free so as to deal with the further outbreaks of the disease.

Stress also has its share of contribution in determining the frequency of the herpes simplex virus activating and creating the same trouble. In the already stressed world, the annoying infections like herpes gladiatorum and oral herpes make things even more unbearable. You mind is under pressure of several things and on the top of everything comes this virus which stays in your body forever once it manages to enter. This makes you feel helpless, inferior and irritated. If these feelings persist for a longer duration, they may make a place for them in your brain and the outputs can be devastating. It is therefore a good idea to control you stress through any of the available methods like yoga and meditation. Apart from stress management, one must also look for immunity enhancing. You can achieve this by eating the right food and getting proper nutrition. One more thing you can do for strengthening your immune system is by avoiding the conventional treatment methods for herpes gladiatorum treatment. The mainstream treatment for herpes gladiatorum consists of three antivirals, namely acyclovir, famicyclovir and valacyclovir. These three antivirals when taken orally can manage the current health condition and prevent the virus from creating problem in future too. But unfortunately all of these are highly loaded in side effects and hence one must not rely on them blindly. Some of the herpes gladiatorum patients take a pill everyday, not to treat the infection but just to reduce transmission rates. By doing this you are playing with your health as the numbers of possible side effects are not ignorable. Now you must be thinking then how can we achieve herpes gladiatorum treatment? You surely can treat herpes gladiatorum without antivirals, by some natural methods. Firstly you should focus on the preventive measures discussed in the previous sections and then only think of treating herpes gladiatorum. Once you have satisfactorily accomplished the goals of prevention, you should go to the treatment step to finish the rest of the work.

Treatment of the skin ailments resulting from herpes gladiatorum

Your skin may develop rashes, sores and even fluid filled blisters if you have herpes gladiatorum. Instead of going for expensive ointments for herpes gladiatorum treatment, you can try some simple things like applying ice cubes or coconut oil. Applying ice cubes on the skin affected with herpes gladiatorum brings a halt to itching and burning sensation. Not only this, it will help the skin in getting better soon. One can easily grab some ice cubes from refrigerator and rub them on the body part creating problem. And the rest will be taken care of by ice cubes. If you have dry skin, and rashes are also bothering you in herpes gladiatorum, you can take help of coconut oil herpes treatment. This is like magical oil which can be used for almost every minor skin problem and also for major infections like herpes gladiatorum. Coconut oil contains monolaurin. Monolaurin is the anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti- protozoal mono- glyceride used by the human or animal to destroy life threatening lipid coated viruses such as HIV, herpes simplex 1, cytomegalovirus, influenza, various pathogenic bacteria including listeria mono- cytogenes and heliobacter pylori, and protozoa such as giardia lamblia. Read more to get detailed knowledge about how coconut oil for herpes treatment can be beneficial.

If you do not like the idea of applying coconut oil, you can try the magical gel instead of magical oil. I am talking about the aloe vera gel. Get a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract the gel out of it. Apply this gel either only on the part affected with herpes gladiatorum or all over the skin as this is very beneficial for skin. Both of these i.e. magical oil as well as magical gel are really helpful in herpes gladiatorum treatment. Read more to find how aloe vera and herpes make an excellent relation.


Treatment for the Physical ailments due to herpes gladiatorum

Although the infection spreads from direct skin to skin contact, the effects of herpes gladiatorum are not confined to skin only and it has many more internal symptoms. The patient of herpes gladiatorum may have fever; headache and body ache at times. For body ache you can soak yourself in a bath tub filled with lukewarm water with Epsom salt mixed in it. This is the best treatment not only for your bones, but also for your skin condition. Take proper rest especially when you are going through the symptoms of herpes gladiatorum. Complete your sleep and have meals on time. These are important as all these are the factors that lead to fast recovery and less pain in body. In case your body temperature reaches to an abnormal level, do not panic and take antibiotic for it. If the fever is still there after a few hours of taking the antibiotic, you must consult a doctor.

natural remedies vs antivirals


We have collected variety of methods with which you can not only perform herpes gladiatorum treatment, but can also prevent its transmission to certain extent. The preventive measures are discussed in the starting while the avoidance and treatment methods are given in the later section. With a combination of all of them, you can surely minimize the effect of the herpes simplex virus and also treat herpes gladiatorum. With these methods of treating herpes gladiatorum, you can easily manage all kinds of nuisance the virus can create in your body and mind. In fact if you follow all the advices religiously, and also take the natural treatment methods seriously, you can get better results than what you expect out of the conventional method for herpes gladiatorum treatment. Go ahead; use the safe and effective treatment methods as these are the right tools to fight with herpes gladiatorum.

Herpes gladiatorum treatment is again like other herpes problems, possible via natural remedies only. Antiviral medications for the herpes gladiatorum treatment will not gift you anything else than the side-effects.

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