Cure Herpes Forever

Is it possible to cure herpes forever?

“Herpes is incurable” is a total myth! Misleading information about herpes has been doing rounds on the internet. What herpes does to the mind is far more dangerous than the body. It has devastating effects, psychologically and over the time this takes the form of dangerous mental disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. All they need is little changes in lifestyle and motivation to cope up with their illness. It is a fact that herpes outbreaks are painful and quite embarrassing to be discussed openly with others. The recurring nature of herpes outbreaks makes this disease most dreaded of all. It is necessary to incorporate positive changes in lifestyle and complete the course of medicines. There are various natural remedies that have been proven to be equally effective in the treatment of herpes. But how to cure herpes forever with natural remedies or any other solution? Let’s discuss:

Cure Herpes with Anti-viral Treatments

The doctors prescribe anti-viral drugs to herpes patients only after thorough examination of the following

  • Age
  • Type of Herpes infection
  • Severity of symptoms
  • Number of episodes
  • Allergies and reactions to certain compounds

Women have higher risk of getting herpes during menstruation and pregnancy. Probability of transmitting the infection to the child is greater if the mother gets outbreaks during the last trimester of pregnancy. Antiviral medication to cure herpes usually contains active enzymes, which helps in relaxing the symptoms. The three main drugs used for treating the symptoms are as follows:


1. Acyclovir

Acyclovir or Zovirax works by restraining the rate of multiplication of herpes virus. It also helps in relaxing the symptoms of herpes by reducing the pain and redness of the outbreaks. No evidences have been found if this gets rid of the virus from the body completely though! Hence, it can be assumed that it is not any kind of permanent cure for herpes.


2. Valacyclovir

Valacyclovir or Valtrex can be directly applied on the affected area for short term relief. It is found that the drug helps in preventing the virus from spreading further. It helps in managing the length of the outbreaks and relieves from pain. It is found to be useful in women diagnosed with herpes viral infections. Read more to get the detailed and precise information about the valtrex side-effects.


3. Famiciclovir

Famiciclovir or Famvir is mainly used in the treatment of genital herpes. For people with compromised immune systems, this drugs work in building resistance against harmful infections. It is found helpful recurring episodes of herpes outbreaks. It is a proven drug for suppression of herpes infection. But, it can again be claimed to be unable to cure herpes forever.

Intravenous Acyclovir (IV) is administered only during extreme cases. This is administered only when the symptoms worsen so much that medicines do not work. However with the above treatments, herpes can be combated easily.



There are numerous naturally available ingredients that have shown great results in curbing the disease completely. Hence, by using these natural products, you will be able to cure herpes forever naturally. These home remedies are not only available easily, but are also cost-effective when compared to the expensive herpes treatments.


mauka-honey-homeremedies91. Manuka Honey

Let’s now talk about honey for herpes. It is known for its anti-septic properties and has shown great results in treating herpes sores. Direct application on the infected area, over the time, reduces the outbreaks and prevents further outbreaks.


bowl-of-epsom-salt-with-scoop-homeremedies92. Epsom Salt

A hot tub bath with some Epsom salt in it, gives relief in the itchiness and redness of the sores. It also prevents the infection from spreading further by controlling it, indirectly providing you a way to cure herpes forever.


3. Olive Leaf Extract

It is available in tablet form as well as powdered form, in the market and can be safely taken by everyone infected with herpes. It is found to be a powerful medicine to cut down the length and period of outbreaks. Records have been found where patients taking olive leaf extract tablets along with other anti-viral drugs living a healthy life without the re-occurrence of herpes infections hence getting a way to naturally cure herpes forever. Can  olive leaf extract cure herpes? – read more to get answer regarding the same.


4. Echinacea

It is an ancient herb consumed by Chinese over 2000 years ago. Echinacea tea is helpful in soothing the symptoms and severity of the herpes outbreak and promotes healthy living. It has great detoxifying properties which help in flushing out the toxins out of the body safely.


Kambucha5. Kambucha

Kambucha tea is rich in anti-bacterial enzymes that boosts immunity and maintains energy levels thereby fighting fatigue. It is also helpful in suppressing depression and anxiety.



It is not antivirals, but, natural remedies that can help you lead a herpes free life. Click here to know more.

6. Supplements

Daily diet must contain food that is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Lysine. Milk and dairy products are rich sources of lysine, which helps in faster healing of the sores. Supplements for these vitamins can be taken in moderation to promote cell repair and proper functioning of various systems in the body.

These remedies and drugs can only help in healing the symptoms of herpes. But it is important to discuss the problem with the doctor as well as sexual partner for better moral support. Most of the time, all that a herpes patient needs is love and support. Understanding the disease and educating others about the potential harm it could cause to the generation next, will definitely pave way for healthy and disease-free life.

If you are dealing with this disease and really want to cure herpes forever, you require following any of these natural remedies strictly.

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