Can Herpes Be Cured?

Can herpes be cured?

Can herpes be cured? It is one of the most frequent questions in every mind today. But, to know about this, you need to know about the disease first. Herpes is a highly contagious disease caused by Herpes Simplex Virus. It is classified as Type-1(HSV-1) and Type-2(HSV-2). Oral Herpes, whose symptoms are cold sores and blisters near the mouth and on face, is caused by HSV-1. Outbreaks in and around the genitals is caused by HSV-2, leading to Genital Herpes. The major concern about Herpes is that, the virus once entering the body, goes to “Sleep” state and become “Active” only after sometime.

Most of the time, the person infected with HSV does not know the fact until the onset of the first set of symptoms. It may seem to be mild rashes with itching sensation, but things may get worse in the second round of symptoms. Painful blisters, weakness, sore throat, swollen glands and fever occur in the next stage. According to American Sexual Health Association, more than 50% of the adults have oral herpes. Children too get infected when they come into contact with the adults while kissing or touching the broken skin. This is such a chronic disease that forces everyone to think,”Can herpes be cured completely?” and if the answer is yes- how to cure herpes? But, before that let’s go through the estimate of its influence.

Stats of People suffering from Herpes

CDC statistics show that 1 in 6 Americans aged 14-49 carry HSV-2. This is alarming stats because according to this 16.2% of the adults are infected with Genital Herpes. The point to be considered here is that HSV-2 is not solely responsible for genital herpes and HSV-1 can also carry the risk of infection equally. Another study reveals that almost 75%-80% of Americans are infected by at least one Herpes Simplex Virus (Type-1 or Type-2).

The above findings can be far more realistic because, the chance of spreading genital herpes from someone having cold sores during oral sex is relatively high. A person affected by HSV-2, can transmit the infection to a healthy person during unprotected sex. The initial symptoms of genital herpes might be slight itching in the genital area along with fever. Most of them tend to neglect the symptoms or take it lightly. Outbreaks occur mostly after a week or two once the virus enters the body. HSV enters the skin through mucous membranes even through small breaks in the mucous membrane of the infected. Painful blisters and ulcers in the genital area along with burning sensation, body ache and fever are the later symptoms of Type-2 herpes. These consequences make the question- can herpes be cured- a more highlighted point of concern.

Herpes is recurrent and non-curable. Once a person is infected by HSV, it forever stays in the body. However there are many medicines and natural methods for herpes cure that can relax the symptoms of Herpes to certain extent. When these medications are taken along with other precautions, it’s easier to cope with it.

Ways to Cure Herpes

The cure for Herpes uses ingredients that prevent the HSV from reolicating, if not entirely uprooting the virus from the body. The oldest anti-viral medicine available for genital herpes is Acyclovir. Valacyclovir and Famciclovir are the other two medicines available for herpes. There are two kinds of therapies for both HSV-1 and HSV-2,

  • Episodic therapy
  • Suppressive therapy

In Episodic Therapy, the medication starts from the first sign of prodrome and continues for several days. It aims at controlling the severity of the next set of symptoms controlling the outbreak from occurring completely. It helps in controlling the number and length of outbreaks and cut the period of symptoms shorter by few days. Using this therapy the recurrence of cold sores and blisters are controlled. This is beneficial for patients who suffer longer period of outbreaks.

Suppressive therapy is to eliminate or suppress the symptoms once it flares up. Studies have found that, suppressive therapy can reduce the number of outbreaks by at least 75%. Anti-viral taken along with this therapy prevents the recurrence of outbreaks altogether. It has found to be beneficial on women who took 400mg suppressive Acyclovir twice a day has recorded about 94% effectiveness. Although the dosage and effectiveness of the therapy differs from person to person.



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There are various OTC drugs as well as natural medicines for the treatment of herpes. Healthy eating habits, sexual hygiene, safe sex practices and personal hygiene definitely goes a long way in suppressing the symptoms of both Type-1 and Type-2 herpes. Clinical studies have proposed various anti-viral as well as suppressants to help the infected combat the severity of herpes.



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