Can Black Seed Oil Cure Herpes ?

black seed oil for herpes

Can Black Seed Oil Cure Herpes and Prove its Name “Panacea” ?

We call them black seeds, black caraway or black cumin, but in Latin history those small seeds were called as panacea, something that can cure each and everything. But does the word “each” includes herpes as well?  From Hippocrates and Cleopatra, to King Tut and the civilizations that followed, a strange commonality they shared was the use of black seed oil. More than 650 concrete studies have been conducted on the benefits of black seed and if we combine the outputs of all the studies, we will get a long list of almost 20 medicinal benefits. And some of those 20 pharmacological benefits can not be found in any medicine. This makes black seeds, and also black seed oil an ultimate health enhancer. But why are there so many speculations when it comes to curing herpes? What makes herpes such hyped infection?

Herpes was considered to be a highly contagious viral infection, and even today it is effecting many lives around the globe. As this fact has not changed, there is something else about herpes that modernization, education and even technology has failed to change. This is the stigma and humiliation associated with herpes. Trust me on this, no other living being on earth can create these problems but we humans are expert in this. We have created an environment where herpes is a curse, and then we go on blaming the virus for doing everything.

No one thinks about the stress that every herpes patient has to go through and the impact of this stress on the activation of herpes simplex virus. When you really go deeper into the details of herpes, everything starting from facts and figures to herpes patients’ confessions is shocking. Yes, herpes simplex creates some painful symptoms, but what is more painful about herpes infection is the mentality of the people around us. All of us know that herpes is spreading at an exponential rate, and still we behave like an ostrich.

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Are Herpes Patients Getting True Information From the Websites?

fake information on internet

There are so many sources telling false facts and information just to gain popularity, and we trust them blindly. Many other web sites do not have complete information, but who cares? All this is making it difficult for herpes patients as herpes patients rely only on internet for anything they want to know. Rather than discussing it among groups or in friend circle to get genuine advice and information, we prefer using internet because it is the only place where we will not have to reveal our identity. This is the reason behind the excess of hype associated with herpes and the threat and silence that follows the word herpes in public. It is not new and is an unavoidable part of lives of herpes patients from centuries. But, do you know how many herpes patients have paid the price for it?

Yes, not only in terms of humiliation, social isolation and threat, but many have lived their lives with frequent herpes outbreaks simply because they were not aware of something like black seed oil for herpes. Do you also think that black seed oil can cure herpes? If you knew the capabilities and magic of black seed oil, you would have immediately asked me-“is there a reason to have doubt on that?” Black seed oil indeed is something incredibly magical for herpes patients. And not only herpes patients are the recipients of the goodness and medicinal properties of black seed oil, but all those who want to get over the obesity, heart problems and even cancer fighters literally worship the oil. This is actually the most powerful natural herb on the planet which has a huge number of health benefits.

Can Black Seed Oil Cure Herpes?

herpes outbreaks

If you have herpes, and do not want to live the rest of your life spending money on antiviral treatment and regular visits to your doctor, black seed oil is all you need. It is a blessing of nature that can help you say good bye to the menace that almost ruined your life some time back. Black seed oil is nothing but the oil extracted by squeezing and compression of black seeds. So, it has all the goodness of the black seeds but in concentrated form. Black seed oil is nothing less than a miracle as it gives you impressive and immediate results in curing herpes symptoms.

Black seed oil is also called as “nigella sativa”. The name is a bit unusual, but so are its medicinal properties and capabilities. Nigella sativa or black seed oil is used for the treatment and cure of many viral infections and herpes is one of them. Thymoquinone, is a free radical that is famous for its antiviral, antioxidant and anti cancer properties. It is observed that much of the medicinal benefits of black seed oil are because of this component. The oil is very effective in treating the cold sores and fever blisters on mouth, lips and in genital parts of the body and thymoquinone is a major role to play in this. Black seeds are usually found in west Asia, turkey and Iraq. Black seed contains around 60-80% of unsaturated fatty acids which are effective in getting relief from the symptoms of herpes.

What makes black seed oil a cure for herpes?

Black seeds oil effectively reduces the inflammation, pain, itching and redness associated with herpes. This oil also contains antioxidants such as valine, serine, phenylalanine, glycine, arginine, tyrosine, vitamins and minerals which help in increasing the healing process of cold sore and blisters. Regular use of black seed soil will heal your skin and also will help you get rid of herpes symptoms quickly, but how?

black seed oil for herpes

Black seed oil is anti microbial in nature: There are certain natural products that enhance the growth and reproduction of micro organisms, while there are others like black seed oil that literally suffocates the bacteria and viruses to death. Black seed oil has anti microbial properties and these properties make it impossible for the herpes simplex virus to grow. Black seed oil is also rich in anti-fungal properties which do not allow the growth of any type of bacteria or virus inside your body. Anti-bacterial properties of black seed oil help in inhibiting the growth of the virus and also make it difficult for the virus to survive for a long period. Once you have control on the reproduction, it is easy to suppress the symptoms, and also prevent herpes outbreaks because herpes outbreaks hit you only when the virus activates and starts to reproduce.

Anti inflammatory properties in black seed oil: Usually it is seen that the skin, the most wonderful part of our body, suffers the most during herpes outbreaks. Sometimes you take pills to suppress the redness and inflammation, and the other times some topical ointment is prescribed to help your lovely skin get rid of the cold sores and blisters. Black seed oil is the actual oil you need to get rid of all the skin issues that herpes simplex can create. Choose black seed oil to cure herpes and it will take away all the pain, itching, redness and swallowing of the skin with it.

Black seed oil is a great relaxant: Who wants more relaxation than a herpes patient struggling to get rid of the herpes outbreaks so that he can return back to work? The physical discomfort and illness is not so strong, but the mental sickness associated with herpes is actually something very difficult to tackle with. With the two methods: traditional medicines, and alternative treatment- home remedies you can easily and efficiently manage the symptoms of herpes and even reduce the frequency of re-occurrences. You can enter into a cycle of herpes outbreak followed by stress, stress leading to another outbreak and the present outbreak creating more tension and so on. Life will be nothing less than hell if this happens to you.

relaxing capablity of black seed oil

Also, you have thousands of treatment methods trending on the internet and also have medicines for every physical symptom of herpes, but for relaxation, you don’t have anything to help yourself with. Now there is something that will address the psychological issues related to herpes. Whether you have oral herpes or genital herpes, you will definitely go through the phase when you will find it difficult to accept that you are infected. Black seed oil can simply relax your mind, as well as body by soothing the tired and stretched muscles.

Immunity enhancing capabilities of black seed oil help you prevent future herpes outbreaks: One of the astonishing facts of black seed oil is that it is well-known as an immunity booster. A sound and tough immune system protects you against the frequent attack of all kinds of diseases including herpes outbreaks. No matter how hard you try, if you use black seed oil as herpes cure, you will build such a strong immune system with time that no virus would be able to affect your health. Herpes simplex virus also is one of them. You can win over this virus and all other micro organisms daring to enter into your body with the help of black seed oil.

Now, we have every bit of detail about the effects of black seed oil as a herpes cure option and from now no one would ask a question- can black seed oil cure herpes, but it again would be incomplete without telling you about how to use black seed oil. Yes, black seed oil can definitely cure herpes, but you need to use it the right way and in proper amount.

How to Use Black Seed Oil as Herpes Cure?

how to use black seed oil for herpes

There is not just a single way to use black seed oil; instead you can use the ingredient in a variety of ways. In fact, in some Asian countries black seeds and black seed oil are a part of day to day dishes because they are aware of all the health benefits of them. Let us see how we can use the black seed oil in curing herpes.

  • If you want to reduce the frustrating cold sores and blisters, you can apply the black seed oil on your suffering skin.
  • Take some black seed oil, dilute it with olive oil and apply it with the help of cotton swab on the cold sores directly. Let the oil do its work and do not wash for at least half an hour.
  • Make sure you don’t use the same cotton twice as this can spread the infection to other parts of the body. Black seed oil is an ideal skin product that can cure the most annoying viral infection of this time-herpes.
  • Alternatively, you can add black seed oil to your food, soups or even green tea. Just a few drops of this oil will be enough to cure herpes.

Other Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

As it is already mentioned that black seed oil is the ultimate health booster, you can expect a long list of diseases that you can save yourself from once you commit to use black seed oil. Now you have the answer to the question- can black seed oil cure herpes? In fact, you also have the procedure to use the black seed oil in the best manner. But leaving the unbelievable capabilities of the oil would be unfair. You must be feeling happy and might also have made a plan to buy black seed oil, but the other health benefits will not let you think of anything else. Black seed oil is good for stomach, it has anti cancer and anti diabetic properties, it can fight obesity and improve respiratory health, and finally black seed oil can improve your heart health significantly.

antibiotic treatment

Antibiotics were the main treatment for both, oral and genital herpes till today. They are main not because of their effectiveness, but because they are advertised so much that people all around the world think that it is the only medium for curing every type of health ailments. Herpes patients relied only and only on antivirals for years previously because they had no other option. In fact there were options, but not awareness about them. Nowadays also the status was almost same until some throttling revelations were made regarding the ill effects of antibiotics. If you really want to know details about why you should never use antivirals for herpes, click here. Those antivirals which many of you were taking everyday without an outbreak also are not at all health friendly. Some of you have developed a habit of them, and others do it just to avoid a painful outbreak.

But from today onwards, you can use black seed oil as you not only have the answer to the question- can black seed oil cure herpes, but you also have the best way to use the magical oil for herpes.


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