There is no cure for herpes by antibiotics till date. All the time we are sick of hearing that it cannot be cured. But the fact is that researchers have already found the complete cure of herpes disease. It is only the vicious cycle of medial practitioners and pharmaceuticals that are playing hard to prevent it form coming out.

Many researchers claim that nature has the best solution for this sexually transmitted disease as well. Using natural remedies not only heals the symptoms faster but also costs your body fewer side effects even when used repeatedly.

However many of them were astonished with the tremendous effect that the “erase herpes” program have in healing the disease naturally and without any associated side effects.

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What about antibiotics?

Now most of you might be thinking that I am talking rubbish. If there was no cure, then what are those antibiotics doing in every medical stores.

Why every doctor prescribes you medicines within minutes of encountering herpes virus into your body?

And if there was no cure at all, then how can so many patients feel relieved after the medications?

And most importantly, it is impossible for someone to live their entire life with herpes. Isn’t it? It is almost unimaginable right!

But the truth is what only the sufferers know. Yes, they live their entire life just like that. There was no way to remove all the traces of the virus once it is inside your body. At least the medicines are not designed to do that.

Now you might be wondering then what those medicines are for which I am spending money continuously?

Let me tell you that these drugs have nothing to do with removing the virus or the disease from your body.

There are drugs and painkillers that can suppress the effect of the reoccurring infections in herpes, there are antivirals that can significantly reduce the frequency of outbreaks, sometimes dropping it to nil.

There are well approved medications prescribed by every doctor during the herpes infectious attacks but still we are compelled to say that there is no cure for the disease till date.

It’s a bitter truth that whatever the doctor prescribes cannot do anything to free your body from virus. Rather it just slows down its working, its intensity and can reduce our time of suffering.

Common medicines in herpes

Some of the FDA approved medicines that most of the doctors prefer and prescribe to deal with herpes are

  • Acyclovir: Oldest antiviral medicine available since 1982.
  • Valacyclovir: A newer version that efficiently delivers acyclovir into human body.
  • Famciclovir: It stops HSV from replicating inside the human body.

All three of them are designed to lower down your sufferings during outbreaks. Yes it is true that some people never have outbreaks, but here I am referring to those who can afford a tablet or two everyday.

Moreover it is not only about the tablet, but the real game is the side effects which it comes tightly packed with.

All of that was shocking but it is the reality. It is all about the doctors and pharmaceutical companies making millions of dollars every year.

Naturally treating the disease

But now it is high time to change the way we are treating disease like herpes. For this people prefer to shift towards natural methods of curing the disease. Scientists have also been coming out with results that best solution to many problems lies in nature.

Try to explore more about your body and then become aware of your disease yourself. Then go for some natural remedies which will not have any side effects and will be more effective that antibiotics.

Your body deserves this much attention at least. Before doing anything with it, you should first make sure that what benefit it will do. And also, why it is to be done; is it really necessary. You also have to be aware of the potential harms it can do to your body.

There are two ways to achieve it. Either you do it all by your own, starting from your research to choosing a method and then applying it.

But this may lead you in more trouble sometimes. Also it requires a lot of time which we all are very short of nowadays.

A ray of hope: Erase herpes

Another alternative you also might have come across over the internet is the famous erase herpes program. It is a complete guide that provides you with all the things discussed in the above section. Everything packed in just one e-book.

Here, you can get the background details of the disease, all its impacts be it emotional, physical or social, and also the verified step by step process of killing the virus from root.

Anyone can trust erase herpes easily because it has been tested for years in laboratories on sufferers like you. And you will be surprised that its effect was 100%. This means that all the cases under trial were free from herpes for their entire lifetime.

Isn’t that amazing? Or should I call Erase Herpes the only hope for herpes patients!

Entire herpes eraser process including the food schedule, some general workouts and the way to boost up your metabolism are described in a way that any one of us can easily understand. Not only this, it ha a lot more to offer. It tells you about your own body, where and how the virus attacks, and also how to deal with the social and emotional traumas during this disease.

It is exclusively written for people like us, who don’t want to carry the burden of virus for entire lifetime and are dying to live herpes free and antibiotics free life. This is a golden opportunity for all.

Be one of those 11000 patients who change their life by making a wise decision. Or the other way is still stick to those heavy antibiotics which are making your body slaves to themselves.

You are wise enough to choose the easier and better one.

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