How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores – 20 Ways You Can Treat Cold Sores

How to get rid of Cold Sores?

Cold sores are not only rash like skin problem, but they are the signs that yell loud enough to the world that you have herpes. Other symptoms of herpes may be painful but you can hide your emotions and pain, but cold sores are a bit different. But, how do you get cold sores? This question is equally important as- “how to get rid of cold sores“. Let’s discuss.

Cold sores usually occur at very visible places like around your lips, nose, neck, and tongue. A common notion about cold sores is that they are an outcome of oral sex, but it is not the only thing that can bring you herpes simplex. Kissing an infected person, sharing toothpaste, towel and other such items including crockery can also be a reason. Herpes Simplex Virus caught a 3 months old infant and she was in critical condition for weeks, struggling for her life in the hospital. Can you believe it? It is not easy to digest it, but she had to bear all this only because one of her visitors kissed her leading her develop cold sores. She was too weak to bear all this and hence was to be hospitalized for weeks. If you believe some kind of sin brought herpes simplex to you, can you answer one question of mine- what sin this 3 month old can do?

If she can get it, trust me all of us are equally prone to herpes simplex virus. And oral herpes, which is generally found responsible for cold sores, is very easily transmitted when we compare it with the transmission of genital herpes. Hence when it is about cold sores, you have to be extra careful. Any random morning you can wake up with a new cold sore developing around your lips, and you can only think of from where it came to you. One more thing all the cold sores patients usually do is hiding the cold sore. Some more depressed herpes patients do not mind hiding themselves if they fail to hide the cold sores. Yes, I have seen people who lock themselves behind the doors for about a week until they feel the sores have completely disappeared. But, is it of any benefit You should instead think about how to get rid of cold sores fast. Are you also one of those who is more worried about the visibility of cold sores rather than the itching and burning sensations they create? If the answer is yes, we have something great in store for you.

No matter how desperately you try, hiding cold sores is next to impossible. The only favor we can do to our self is to kill the sores before they become prominent enough by sensing their development at a very early stage, which is only possible through some highly effective remedies and the list surely has nothing to do with antivirals. I hate antivirals so much no because of their side effects alone, but they come into action when the herpes simplex virus has done much damage to our body, our skin and our brain. You can apply cosmetics and other products on cold sores thinking this expensive aid will stop it from growing further, but the truth is that it will have some effect only after the cold sores literally break out. But, what now? If your antivirals are not able to fight the virus, how to get rid of cold sores now ? Don’t worry, not using antivirals does not mean you have to bear it; all you have to do is be wise and choose the right treatment option for managing herpes outbreaks on lips. There exist full proof treatment methods to get rid of the cold sores soon and get a proper cold sores treatment, but unfortunately not where all of you have been looking for. If you rely on medicinal products, ointments, and antivirals, you have to cover half of your journey alone as these will come to rescue you only half of the destruction is done. This is why I prefer some other effective, reliable and fast ways of treating cold sores, all of them are based on natural healing powers.

These are natural remedies for cold sores treatment:

1. LicoriceLicorice root for herpes

Till now you must be thinking about how to get rid of cold sores, but after following this remedy, you will be able to fulfill your dream. You can either use licorice in natural form or can also go for powdered licorice supplement. Glycyrhizic acid, an ingredient in licorice root, has been shown in some studies to stop the virus cells in their nasty little tracks-or at least counteract the symptoms of them. In case you are lucky enough and have access to the natural powder of licorice, then this is surely your way to get rid of cold sores. All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of licorice root’s powder in half teaspoon of water so that the paste is thick enough to be applied on the sores. Your aim should be to make a paste with consistency like cream or ointment, so increase or decrease the amount of water accordingly. Apply this paste on the area where cold sores are about to appear or have already broken out twice a day to get rid of them soon.

2. Vanilla extractVanilla for herpes

Vanilla extract is an excellent cleanser as it is an alcohol based product. The alcohol present in vanilla extract makes it impossible for the virus to survive. This enhances the drying process and makes the cold sores die quickly. The only thing to keep in mind is to use only pure form of vanilla extract as adulterated one can make the situation even worse. This can answer you about how to get rid of cold sores only when you have access to 100% unadulterated vanilla extract.

Hydrogen peroxide for herpes3. Hydrogen peroxide

Whatever are the causes of cold sores and whatever is the place and problem, hydrogen peroxide is and excellent cleansing agent which prevents any infection from occurring inside the sores. Along with other remedial measures, you are bound to use hydrogen peroxide as it is the best way to avoid further complications in the already complicated sores. Soak a cotton ball in 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Use more if you feel it isn’t saturated enough. Place the cotton ball directly on your sore and hold it there for a few seconds, or dab it around. Repeat the same whenever you apply anything on the cold sores.

4. Tea tree oilTea tree oil for herpes

Tea tree oil and herpes. This is a very famous way to get rid of cold sores answering your most frequent question- “How to get rid of cold sores?”. Tea tree oil became my favorite because it is the only tool that stops the growth of cold sores at stage one itself. They will not be noticed by anyone and you don’t have to abstain from work for weeks. Antivirals lag behind in this case from tea tree oil. They come into the picture when the virus has done much of the damage. Everybody around you would notice the prominent sore if at all you dare to go out. Tea tree oil not only kills the bacteria that may grow on the site of infection, but also reduces itching and redness. Itching itself can make things worst for you. Read more to get further details about tea tree oil for herpes cure.

Cornstarch for herpes5. Cornstarch paste

This one is also a commonly used way to get rid of cold sores while dealing with herpes. Measure out 1 tablespoon of cornstarch and place in a small bowl. Mix in 1 teaspoon of fresh water. Add more water slowly until you achieve a paste-like consistency. Put a dab on your cold sore before bed, and rinse off gently with water in the morning. You can repeat the same process until you see skin perfectly normal, trust me it would not take that much time. You can use one of the other ways during day time and use this method at night to enhance healing.

6. ToothbrushTooth brush for herpes

As soon as you see your cold sores disappearing, go out and buy a new tooth brush if you don’t want the outbreak to come again soon. It is your tooth brush which directly comes into contact daily with the cold sores on your lips and mouth. No matter how hard you try to clean it, you can never make it virus free. So, it is always recommended to get a new piece immediately. This also is compulsory, just like using hydrogen peroxide. No matter which method you choose to treat cold sores, this step is essential for every herpes patient who has had an outbreak recently. This will not tell you about how to get rid of cold sores, instead, will tell you about how to prevent further occurrences.

Peppermint oil for herpes7. Peppermint oil

With peppermint oil you can see the cold sores disappearing faster than any other method. Peppermint oil can kill all the viruses that live outside our cells. If you apply this oil on cold sores, it clears all the viruses that are floating into the liquid part of the sores. You can use it twice everyday to get the desired results. Rather than applying it directly, make sure you first dip the cotton ball in water and then in the oil. Directly place this cotton swab on the cold sores for a few seconds.

8. Ice packIce pack for herpeds

Ice pack can give you instant relief if applied for adequate amount of time. Ice cubes can be sued to reduce the swelling or pain or the redness of the oral herpes. It can be applied every 3 to 4 hours to reduce the pain and redness of sores. Burning sensation and itching are not uncommon during a herpes outbreak, and nothing can treat burning cold sores better than ice cubes. Also it is the easiest remedy to get rid of cold sores soon.

Black coffee for herpes9. Black coffee

Black coffee is yet another easily available way of treating cold sores. Black coffee is one of the best remedies to treat the painful and itchy sores. If the question how to get rid of cold sores is still bothering you, you can opt this option. The cold sores in the mouth cause severe pain. To treat them fast, you are required to prepare black coffee. Let it cool down and take a sip. Hold it in the mouth for some time. Move it onto the lips as well. For best results, repeat the process twice a day. You can also put the used coffee bag on the cold sores developing outside the mouth.

10. Lemon balmlemon-balm-oil Herepescure

Let’s talk about lemon balm and herpes. It has flavonoids, phenolic acid, and rosmarinic acid, which helps in healing the cold sores or blisters. Prepare a lemon balm tea. Let it steep for some time. Then, soak a cotton ball in it and apply directly on the sores. Or else add 2-3 ml of lemon balm tincture in water. Stir it well and drink. This alcohol-based liquid extract is effective for sores. Drink the solution thrice a day. Lemon balm is also available in the form of creams and ointments. Apply the cream directly to heal the cold sores. Read more to know about the benefits of lemon balm for herpes treatment.

11. HoneyHoney for herpes

Honey for herpes, a delicious solution. It is easily available and is claimed to give better outcomes than any of the antiviral medicine in healing cold sores. Good-quality honey offers several topical wound-care benefits that can explain some of its success as a remedy for cold sores. It draws fluid away from your wound and suppresses microorganism growth. Try to get natural and purest form of honey, and if you can arrange manuka honey, it is the best way to treat any type of cold sores. Read more to gather some knowledge about the relation between honey and herpes.

Echinacea for herpes

12. Echinacea

Echinacea is a medicinal plant and has anti-viral properties. It is known for enhancing the immune system. All parts of Echinacea plant, namely flowers, leaves, and roots can be used for healing cold sores. It can be consumed in the form of tea, juices, or pills.

13. Coconut oilOregano oil for herpes-1

Coconut oil and herpes. Coconut oil is derived from the milk in coconuts and consists of coconut fat and lauric acid, a fatty acid that is transformed into mono laurin in the body. It is readily available in our houses and is perfectly able to answer the question- how to get rid of cold sores- which is frequently bothering your mind. Coconut oil works because it is strongly anti- viral. Antiviral means it is an enemy of viral infections, the category to which herpes belongs. Coconut oil destroys lipid- coated viruses when they come in contact  with coconut oil because the fatty acids in coconut oil interfere with the viruses own lipids. Read more to know more about how beneficial is coconut oil for herpes.

Baking soda for herpes14. Baking soda

Baking soda is an effective treatment for getting rid of cold sores fast. It provides relief in the literally burning sores. Take a cotton ball and damp it in baking soda. Apply it directly on the infected area. This is the best remedy if you have cold sores on a stage where fluid has started developing inside them. This is the most painful time and soon after this the sores will disappear. The sooner they dry out and sooner will they vanish, for which baking soda is an excellent drying agent.

15. Lavender oilLavender oil for herpes

Lavender essential oil has antiseptic and regenerative properties to cure herpes. You can grab a small bottle of lavender oil. The best things about this oil are its fragrance. Unlike all other oils used to cure herpes, this one will not at all smell bad, in fact has a pleasing fragrance. Use a cotton swab to apply the oil on cold sores externally two to three ties a day. Make sure you wash you hands properly before applying the oil and after the process is done to avoid the infection from propagating at other sites.

salt water16. Saltwater

Saltwater is the simplest yet effective cleaning agent that automatically kills the bacteria and viruses. It can be painful rinsing the sores with salted water, but you have to bear it just for a few seconds. Make a rule to wash the cold sores with salted water every time you plan to wash the same with plain water. If you cannot bear the pain, make the solution dilute and apply normal water soon after the salt water comes in contact with the sores.

17. Domeboro powderDomeboro powder for herpes

It can stop itching arising out of the cold sores. Not only itching, it can alone facilitate benefits like fast healing and drying up of the cold sores. Make a solution by mixing a packet of domeboro powder in sufficient water. After cleaning the sores with cold water, soak a cotton ball in that solution and gently apply this cotton ball on and around the cold sores. If you are seeking answer for your question- How to get rid of cold sores- this will be of great help to you.

Oregano oil for herpes18. Oregano oil

Oregano oil herpes cure. You must be feeling frustrated asking yourself one question again and again- “How to get rid of cold sores?”, right? The answer is oregano oil. Oregano oil completes its work in two stages. In stage one a compound called Carvacol takes the charge and destroys the cell membrane, the protective cell membrane of the virus usually makes the virus impermeable to antibiotics. Not only does oil of oregano help break down the cell membrane, it delivers natural and powerful antibiotics as soon as the cell membrane is dissolved and the bacteria are vulnerable. This is the second step of action that completes the destruction of herpes simplex virus. You just need to apply some oregano oil directly on the infected area. Read more to know about how can oregano oil  cure herpes.


Natural Remedies are the best way to treat cold sores. Click here to find some really effective natural remedies.


19. Aloe vera

Let’s talk about aloe vera and herpes. Aloe vera is a very commonly used herb for fighting cold sores. It has got amazing healing properties that can be very well exploited by herpes patients. You can easily trust this method to get rid of cold sores because it is the oldest way used by mankind. Some proofs suggest that aloe vera has been used to resolve skin issues for last 6000 years. Even today aloe vera is an essential component of almost every other beauty product and ointment. You can apply aloe vera gel on the painful cold sores as many times as you want as it will not only kill the virus, but the cooling effect will also soothe your skin of burning sensation. Try to get it in natural form, but if you cannot, an ointment with maximum percentage of aloe vera gel is also equivalent to the former. Hope this will clear doubt about how to get rid of cold sores. Click here to know more about the  aloe vera and herpes.

Aloe vera for herpes

In these 19 ways you can treat cold sores, the biggest enemy of yours. You do not have to lock yourself into your house, no need to miss important classes, and also you will not have to make excuses for postponing a date because of this annoying sore if you find the most appropriate way that will guide you about how to get rid of cold sores. These remedies are great, but there is one more factor which decides how soon you will get rid of the irritating red marks. This is detection of occurrence of cold sores.

Early you detect that it is going to hit you, easier it will be to get rid of them. Some users have reported that they kill the cold sores before they come out of the skin because with the help of certain warning signs they get to now that they will certainly have cold sores in a day or two. As soon as they start experiencing these warning signs, they use one or two ways to treat cold sores discussed above. Of course, if you know the warning sign, you can solve your question- How to get rid of cold sores- will full percentage. We have discussed not one or two, but 19 ways of treating cold sores, but the warning signs vary from one individual to next. In rare cases the herpes patients do not feel anything and directly have an outbreak, but in almost all other cases you will feel some unusual sensations marking the onset of cold sores and herpes outbreak. For instance if you are feeling unusual tingling around your lips, and are tired even when you have not done any extra work, it may be the beginning of an outbreak. You can sense this kind of unusualness if you are a herpes patient for quite a long time. Awareness about the symptoms clubbed with vigilance of sensing the warning signs is what we expect from your side, rest you can handle with the above stated ways of treating cold sores.

How to get rid of cold sores- this question will not bother you any more. Now, you have a variety of solutions to treat your cold sores, and with no side-effects.

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