How To Emotionally Balance Yourself When You Find Out That You Have Something Like Herpes

Dealing with herpes emotionally- How much considerable it is?

There are certain threats which when become real leave you dumbstruck. There are some conversations that change your life. Your doctor declaring your tests were positive for herpes is definitely one of them. It is probably the worst nightmare of ones life to hear that he/ she has been infected by herpes simplex virus, the virus that will not easily leave his/her body once it is inside. It becomes difficult to face the world, your friends and family. No matter how modern we are, our mind is preoccupied with all kinds of negativity regarding certain things like sexually transmitted disease called herpes. We have moved on in the field of technology, fashion, medicine and everything else, but at this point our society stagnates at the same place.  This is the stigma of social rejection and negativity associated with the infection. Dealing with herpes emotionally is much more tough and needs much more courage than other forms. Read more to know more about the social stigma of herpes.

By now all of us are aware of the treatment options available for herpes patients, but not many of us know about how to deal with the emotional aspects that literally kills a person suffering from herpes. The physical discomfort and illness is not so strong, but the mental sickness associated with herpes is actually something very difficult to tackle with. With the two methods: traditional medicines, and alternative treatment- home remedies you can easily and efficiently manage the symptoms of herpes and even reduce the frequency of re-occurrences. But as I told you earlier there are two different aspects of herpes infection: physical and mental, there is a need to heal the herpes patient emotionally also. Let us see how to emotionally balance yourself when you find out that you really have herpes. It will definitely help you dealing with herpes outbreaks that cannot be hidden.

Do you actually know exactly what this menace is? If you feel you know all about the infection, then you may need to re-check your facts and there are chances you are living with many myths related to Herpes. Herpes is the most common sexually transmitted disease among the US population and the rate with which the virus is managing to spread, in a few years itself it will reach everyone. Yes, I said everyone including you and me as well. It is thus important for all of us to know our opponent, its behavior, the extent up to which it can damage our self esteem and every detail associated with it. The virus targets our cells, but we and our society makes herpes effect our mind even more than that making dealing with herpes much more complicated than before. The entire world comes later on, but we our self start believing that we have done some crime. We blame others and get into calculations from where we might have got it. Do you think all this helps in treating herpes in any way? I mean is it something like you will need no antivirals once you get to know who has given it to you, or why you got the infection. I don’t think so, do you? All the physical unease can be controlled easily with a few doses of antivirals or some natural herpes remedies but these stressful mental states make it impossible for a herpes patient to come out of the shock and shamefulness.

Dealing with herpes  is no big deal if you believe so.

Human mind has a great influence on human body. This is true to every extent in case of herpes. If you do not allow the virus to enter in your mind, it would not be able to break you physically at all. I know that dealing with herpes pain is quite unimaginable, but can’t we do something to treat it instead of thinking about its origin? It is crucial to anyhow make the patient understand that he/ she is not alone on this planet that is infected and it is nothing more than a medical condition that can happen to anyone anytime. Closing the doors for hope and optimism is the worst thing to do and almost all the herpes patients land themselves into the same situation. This is not a proper manner of dealing with herpes or any other disease. You should never loose hope and try to give it a tough fight, no matter how tough the situation is. You can reduce the duration of the outbreak and even decrease its frequency of occurrence with your efforts.

Don’t blame yourself and you are not being punished in any way by God. It’s just that you will have to be careful, take better care of yourself, decrease your stress levels, and approach life with a positive outlook. There are many people with Herpes out there. You may have met someone who already has it. Or there are plenty of people who can understand and accept that you have this. It does not have to be deal-breaker in a dating or long-term relationship. You can actually go for a counseling session, or join groups in which you can share your feelings with others like you. It will give you some satisfaction that you are not the only on who is cursed with the virus but there are millions who are infected. If you are not comfortable telling anyone else in your friends, or family, you can do so online. These are small efforts that will fill you with optimism and you will get over all the bad feelings after being diagnosed with herpes. Always remember, dealing with herpes mentally and emotionally is far more important than physically dealing with it. All this works only with those who are determined enough and have a strong determination, but for others you need some assistance. This assistance is not provided by any doctor unfortunately. But there is one method you can rely on if you want to live a perfectly normal life, which you might be thinking is impossible after getting herpes.

For controlling your emotions, you should keep the following things in mind:


Acceptance is the key

We not at all are ready to accept the truth that we have herpes. Acceptance is important as it makes things settled and easy. Once you know the truth, accept it and do not try to run away from it. What if you have herpes? It is nothing more than a medical condition that could happen to anyone. Dealing with herpes is one of the most important factors while treating herpes.

Talk to others like you

I bet you would not find it much difficult to find herpes patients as there are many out there. Talking to them, knowing their condition, and sharing your experience make things common. You may not feel alone, and also can get really helpful tips to tackle with your outbreaks. If you are not comfortable with face to face talking, then there are many internet forums that you can choose as medium. Dealing with herpes emotionally is tough if you are alone. So, try and find some like yours.

Understand what it is

Only diagnosis is not enough, you should be aware of the entire process of infection, its treatment methods. Living with myths sometimes misleads you and may also lead to complications. And trust me; there are more false facts than truthful realty as far as herpes is concerned. So, better be aware than doing the wrong choices based on myths.

Be prepared

It is tough to deal with when you are not prepared. Once you know you have herpes, make sure you understand that you can have the outbreak again anytime and anywhere. Managing the symptoms cleverly makes the healing faster and you are also confident enough to deal with the reoccurring infections.

Understand that you are not alone

You are not the only one to get the virus in the world. Remember that there are millions of sufferers and they tell the world or not, they are infected. Hiding the facts do not change the truth in any way. You should stop cursing immediately and do not blame anyone for the disease. Dealing with herpes will be easier if you understand that you are not alone. It is not you fate or something, it is just a medical state that anyone of us can get.

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You can live absolutely normal life even after getting the infection

What if you have the herpes simplex virus in your body, you are still a normal human being. There is no need to isolate yourself from the society as you are not a criminal rather a patient. All you need to learn is managing the symptoms at the time of outbreaks. And it is very easy as the virus generally lies dormant and become active accidentally only.

Be optimistic

Dealing with herpes or any disease becomes difficult if only if our mind believes so. Closing the doors for hope and optimism is the worst thing to do and almost all the herpes patients land themselves into the same situation. You should never loose hope and try to give it a tough fight, no matter how tough the situation is. You can reduce the duration of the outbreak and even decrease its frequency of occurrence with your efforts.

Use HSV Eraser

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