Vanilla Extract For Cold Sores – How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores Naturally

vanilla extract for cold sores

Vanilla Extract For Cold Sores – Have You Tried This Remedy?

You might have used vanilla extract for flavoring ice creams, chocolates, and sweet dishes, but have you ever tried vanilla extract on cold sores? Sounds awkward, but vanilla extract for cold sores is indeed a remedy for treating cold sores. Cold sores are the most hated symptom of herpes because they yell out loud and tell the world that you have herpes. Only a herpes patient can understand the pain of waking up in the morning and noticing those cold sores again on his face.

All your plans, meetings or outings will flash in front of your eyes, and you will sadly lock yourself inside your house. If you also have done the same, trust me it is perfectly normal and every herpes patient has done it many times. It is not that we are happy about it, but the fear of going out and facing the world compels us to do so. Whether it is your office, or school, and even your relationship, herpes and cold sores have a reach to every part of your life.

This is what makes the infection really dangerous. At some places you will find reports stating that herpes is a bigger threat for people than HIV. It is hard to believe but look at the capabilities of this virus. It can ruin your career, your life and your health. HIV can no doubt kill you anytime, but many herpes patients live like dead only. They don’t have any partner because of their frequent outbreaks, they don’t have growth in career because of herpes, and also they don’t have a healthy body because the virus attacks them again and again and makes them weak.

The Tools for Fighting Herpes and Cold Sores

What else is left for millions of herpes sufferers in the United States? Herpes makes living a happy life impossible, and also there is no way out to get rid of herpes permanently once the herpes simplex virus enters into your body. Is there no solution? Solution definitely is there but not where all of us are searching for. You can get control over herpes as well as cold sores but not the way you are fighting.

By the way what are the ingredients of a winning fight? Intent to fight and the right tool are the two necessary ingredients. If you have intent and your tools are capable enough, you will end up winning the fight. Intent of course is there in herpes, I mean everyone wants to get rid of cold sores. The other part is tools. What tools you use to treat cold sores will now change the game.

A Light on Antiviral Treatments

medication for herpes

If you rely on antivirals, forget about getting rid of cold sores, you will end up developing some other health problems. For these problems you will turn towards some other type of medicines and they again will induce some side effects. This way a cycle of side effects and medicines will continue revolving in your body. This vicious cycle is never ending, and you can land in trouble because of excessive dependency on antiviral drugs and medicines.

Till now it was difficult to gain an insight of medicines, their usage and side effects but with internet, it is now possible to do some favor for your body and use the best treatment method. By best treatment I mean the treatment which will heal your illness, but at the same time will not give undesirable side effects.

What All the Herpes Patients are Doing Wrong?

If you are a herpes sufferer, the chances of you not depending on antiviral treatment are very low. Till recent past, you might have been using antiviral drugs for cold sores very happily. Why should you not be happy? Who would not be happy to get instant relief in the pain, itching, fever, tiredness and sores of herpes? It is true that antiviral drugs help you like no other treatment method for cold sores. They are the perfect source of instant relief and are also easy to use. But then what makes it much talked about topic? Why people are moving towards alternate cures for herpes as well as for all other diseases?

side-effects of medication

Actually the side effects- both temporary and permanently, that every drug on earth gives us are what make it not a worthy treatment method. No matter how hard you try and how much money you spend on buying a drug, you can in no way avoid the ill effects that a medicine causes. For herpes it has become a matter of attention because herpes is life long and you have to use the treatment method you choose quite frequently. This increases the side effects many ties, and hence choosing the correct treatment method becomes important. If you really want to know more about the side-effects of herpes medications, click here.

Importance of Treating Cold Sores

You now know how much important it is to go with the right and least harmful method of treatment for herpes. But what makes the choice so difficult? The variety of treatment methods or is it something else? Of course there are more than just a few treatment methods for herpes, but unfortunately none of them is capable of killing the herpes simplex virus. This makes the choice complex; you have to choose among all the temporary treatments.

Which Treatment Method is Right for Cold Sores?

One treatment method will have one benefit and will have some other inevitable disadvantages. For instance homeopathy is one treatment form which is good when we compare it with allopathic treatment in terms of side effects, but it is extremely slow. Talking about the other way to treat herpes and cold sores- ayurveda, this also has its own limitations. We can say that no treatment in its own is fully capable of handling the herpes simplex. Hence we can go for the one which is least harmful and the most beneficial.

You must now be looking forward to read the name of that treatment. It is nothing else than nature. Yes, nature can cure not only cold sores and herpes in the best possible way and with least or no side effects. Although it will look as if I am singing the tune of natural herpes cure, but this indeed is a fact that natural treatment is the best and safest way to tackle herpes virus.

For instance if I talk about curing cold sores, you would grab a topical ointment as soon as you feel the tingling sensation near your lips or anywhere else on your face. But have you ever though of what else this ointment does to your innocent skin in addition to treating cold sores? Yes, this ointment too has several side effects, just like oral medicines, topical treatments for cold sores carry their own baggage of side effects.

Why One Should not Use Topical Ointments?

You can see you soft skin getting dried, blackened or sometimes you will feel acute irritation. These outputs are likely to bother you if you use the ointments for a long time. I know all these claims are very easy to be made, but when it comes to treating cold sores, everyone has to turn towards antivirals, drugs and chemicals only. Well, this was past and from today onwards you will never ever use the harmful chemicals on your skin.

topical treatment for cold sores

You will get a tool to fight with cold sores, and with this tool you will finally defeat your long time enemy- herpes. And the tool is- vanilla extract for cold sores treatment.  Yes, using vanilla extract for cold sores is something every herpes patient should do.

Vanilla extract 

Thinking about vanilla, you might have already started imagining the ice cream you ate last, or the shake you drank last night. Better come back and think about not so pretty cold sores. Yes, we are talking about vanilla extract for cold sores and not for adding flavors to your favorite food. These two are totally different but still can be done with the same product- vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract surely has benefits beyond adding extra flavor and deliciousness to desserts. Vanilla extract is a solution of vanilla beans and alcohol. Vanilla extract was although known in 14th century also, but it was far less acknowledged for its benefits for skin and infections like it is in 21st century. Vanilla extract is a useful anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti infection agent that has recently been used for the medicinal purposes.

It is also a natural fever reliever and brings your body temperature down without disturbing your normal body functioning. All these things are found in natural vanilla extract for sure, but for synthetically prepared vanilla extract, I have a doubt. Apart from all these uses, vanilla extract has an added advantage for which anyone would love to use vanilla extract for cold sores treatment, and that is its benefits for skin.

vanilla extract for cold sores

Benefits of Vanilla Extract for Cold Sores Treatment

Unlike harmful chemicals and topical ointments loaded with artificially synthesized drugs, when we use vanilla extract for cold sores treatment, it has amazing benefits for your skin as well. Vanilla extract for cold sores treatment is preferred the most because it neither makes the skin dry, nor it leaves any black spots. Let us see in deep about the tool. You will shortly get to know everything related to the use of vanilla extract for cold sores treatment.

  • The anti infection action of vanilla extract actually makes it the perfect cure for cold sores. By applying vanilla extract for cold sores treatment, you are ensuring that no secondary infection would occur in the sores. The alcohol present in the vanilla extract is also a great cleansing agent and it will help you keep the sores clean and infection free.
  • Do you know when the use of vanilla extract for cold sores treatment began? The antimicorbial nature of the vanilla extract gave a hint to the researchers about its uses in virus. So, vanilla extract when applied on cold sores kills any kind of bacterial growth inside the cold sores, and it also fights with the herpes simplex- the virus causing oral herpes and cold sores.
  • One more property of vanilla extract is its anti inflammatory nature. It can reduce the inflammation of the skin due to cold sores. These were almost all the problems that often accompany the oozing cold sores. If in any way you are able to prevent these, the cold sores will not bother you for too long.
  • In addition to cold sores, herpes also has some other symptoms like fever. Surprisingly, vanilla extract not only do wonders for the skin and cold sores, it can also reduce fever. You can gradually make your body temperature low with the regular use of vanilla extract for cold sores and herpes treatment. Now you can say that the use of vanilla extract for cold sores treatment also cures other symptoms of herpes.
  • Vanilla extract for cold sores is promoted due to not one or two but many benefits. Vanilla extract enhances the healing of cold sores. By preventing any other infection from occurring, and by doing much for, it makes the cold sores dry up fast and heals soon. With the use of vanilla extract for cold sores, you can easily get rid of oral herpes and will get your normal skin back soon.


home remedies for herpes


  • Last but not the least; vanilla extract can do what no other treatment can even think of doing. Vanilla extract is known to be a mental health booster. It reduces anxiety and depression. This is not a small gift for oral herpes patients. The mentality and disturbances in your own mind gives more power to herpes virus. If you are stressed, the herpes virus will hit you again. You will get cold sores on your skin again and again. This will continue until you have a control on your mind. With the use of vanilla extract for cold sores treatment, you can actually treat your brain too.

With so many benefits, vanilla extract might have already become your way of treating cold sores, but let me tell you- this is not all. Do you know what is best about vanilla extract for cold sores? Oral herpes or cold sores often appear on your lips, near the nose or even inside the mouth. You won’t feel like using any ointment on the places close to your mouth because by chance if you end up eating some, it won’t taste good, and at the same time won’t be healthy as well.

With vanilla extract you don’t have to worry about eating it up. You all enjoy the flavor of vanilla in your sweet dishes, what is the big deal if some amount slips in your mouth while applying on the cold sores? Yes, this is the best advantage of using vanilla extract or cold sores treatment. You just have to apply vanilla extract on cold sores and forget about it.

How to Make Vanilla Extract at Home

homemade vanilla extract

We have decided to use vanilla extract because of the amazing benefits, and no side effects. It would be unfair with your health if you go for the commercially produced vanilla. Synthetically produced vanilla extract is as good as applying nothing on the cold sores. For other purposes like flavoring and all, you can use the vanilla extract available in market. But vanilla extract for cold sores treatment will be effective only when you go for the natural home made vanilla.

You can reap maximum health benefits when you prepare vanilla extract at home. The recipe for home made vanilla extract is very simple. You just have to submerge vanilla beans in alcohol and this will result in release of a dark brown liquid. Have a look at the entire process of making vanilla extract at home.

  • You have to have a big jar, 5- 8 vanilla beans and alcohol with concentration 35%.
  • Slice the beans vertically, and if they are still big in size, just make even smaller pieces.
  • Dip these smaller pieces in approximately one cup of alcohol in such a way that all the beans completely submerge in alcohol.
  • Keep the jar away from sun in room temperature for about eight weeks. Let it mature and just wait.
  • You can either remove the beans or let them stay in the mixture as ageing makes the extract better.

How to Use Vanilla Extract for Cold Sores Treatment?

There are many ways in which you can use vanilla extract for cold sores treatment. The fact that remains unchanged is that you have to use natural homemade vanilla extract instead of artificial commercially produced vanilla extract.

  • Use 100% pure vanilla extract for cold sores twice everyday. Take a cotton ball, dip it in the vanilla extract and apply swiftly on the cold sores.
  • Make sure you are not using the same piece of cotton twice. Just throw the cotton immediately after you touch the cold sores with it.
  • Wash hands twice, once before applying vanilla extract on cold sores, and the second time after applying the solution.

A Few Tips to Take Care of Cold Sores

Apart from using vanilla extract for cold sores treatment, you have to take care of some other factors too. Without these, you would not be able to control your cold sores. First and foremost is maintaining hygiene. You have to make sure your body as well as your surroundings are clean and free from germs. The next thing is to avoid touching the cold sores other than the time of treating them. If you follow all the precautionary measures and use vanilla extract for cold sores treatment, the cold sores will soon disappear from your skin.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Vanilla extract for cold sores treatment is effective only when you use it is natural and purest form. Do not use artificial vanilla extract for cold sores treatment as it does not carry any medicinal properties in it.
  • Sometimes the application of vanilla extract on cold sores can cause irritation, especially when your skin is very sensitive. To avoid this, check for allergy by applying vanilla extract in very small amount.
  • Swelling also is another side effect of vanilla extract. This also is rarely seen, and is specific to those who are allergic to vanilla extract. For these kinds of people, it is never recommended to use vanilla extract for cold sores treatment.
  • Headache is one complication related to exposure with vanilla extract. This is not seen in people dealing with cold sores, but those who are working in manufacturing plants of vanilla extract may have the complain of headache. And yes, making it at home will not cause any headache, so you don’t have to worry.vanilla extract for cold sores
  • Those who inhale the essence of vanilla extract or are close to the manufacturing plants of vanilla can also suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that has roots in mental health.

For using vanilla extract for cold sores treatment, you really don’t have to care about the side effects as it is perfectly safe, natural and beneficial treatment option for herpes and cold sores.

Vanilla extract is a safe, effective and cheap method to get rid of the painful, irritating and ugly cold sores. You might not have heard about it before, but many herpes patients are already using vanilla extract for cold sores treatment. Some of them due to lack of complete knowledge and awareness are suing artificially synthesized vanilla extract, and for this reason we have explained the entire procedure of making vanilla extract at home. I don’t think any one would find it that difficult. It is easy enough, simple and requires no expertise.

Rely on natural products like vanilla extract for the treatment of cold sores. Even for other symptoms of herpes, there are many other natural products that are better in treating the patients. You just have to search out for the best option and leave the antiviral treatment behind as it is full of side effects. If you want to now more about the other home remedies for cold sores and herpes, click here. In addition to the burden it puts on your pocket, antiviral treatment puts burden on your health as well. No wise man would actually spend dollars on a temporary treatment which is also full of side effects. This is why treatments like vanilla extract are gaining popularity.

home remedies for cold soresVanilla extract for cold sores treatment is gradually gaining popularity. Vanilla has a special place in the corner of hearts of people who are hungry for taste. But from now onwards, it surely will find a place in the cupboards of herpes and cold sores patients.


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