Lavender Oil For Herpes Cure – Lavender Oil Helps In Treating Herpes & Boosts Your Immunity

lavender oil for herpes

Lavender Oil For Herpes Cure – A Perfect Way to Deal with Herpes

Did you know that the amazing purple flower plant is something more than just a source of nice fragrance and a treat to your eyes? To cut it short, do you have any idea about the medicinal uses of lavender? Lavender oil has unbelievable medicinal benefits and curing herpes is one of them. Herpes is the worst nightmare for every one, regardless of their age or sex. Whether it is a male or female, teenager or adult, a human being shatters like anything on being diagnosed with herpes.

Herpes is not Dangerous….  Then What Makes it Threatening ?

Herpes is actually not more than a viral infection, but in our society it is not a viral infection but a punishment of god to those who have committed a sin in the past. Apart from this perception, the other aspect of herpes infection is humiliation. You will be the subject of all the jokes whenever your friend see you with cold sores. Dealing with herpes becomes difficult whenever your closed ones start making distance from you for this only reason. If you want to know more about dealing with herpes in this situation, click here. Virus attacks, science and medicines come next. All these things make herpes the most complex infection on this earth.

Not only this, the incurability of herpes also makes it a threat. The herpes simplex virus travels from one person to another with so much ease that it is almost impossible to prevent the infection completely. We have been talking about the fact that prevention is better than cure, but in herpes, prevention is impossible. Now we are left with the cure. The real spoiler is the cure for herpes. Herpes is the most prevalent infection because there is no way to completely prevent it.

We have no vaccine, tablet, syrup or any other measure with which we can prevent the infection. And the same is also true for herpes cure. Despite many efforts from the scientists and researchers working hard to reach to a permanent solution for herpes, it still remains a challenge. There are two ways to live safely- either by prevention or by curing, and unfortunately in case of herpes, we have none of them.

 What Good We Have for Herpes Patients?

If you try to find something good in everything, we have natural cures around us. Nature definitely is the best healer, better than all the medicinal cures combined. There are more than sufficient reasons behind switching to natural treatment therapies from antiviral treatment in herpes. If it was any other infection or disease, I would not have emphasized much on the use of natural treatment. Because it is herpes, you have to be really choosy and careful.

There are many products that claim of curing herpes at varying prices. Each of them has their own set of promises and ways of attracting herpes patients. You have to first see what type of cure you want from these products, and then analyze whether the product is capable of giving you that or not. And at the end of the day keep in mind: claiming that a magical treatment can cure herpes is one thing and really eliminating herpes virus is another.

Rather than believing on instant methods, it is better you give yourself some time and think of a treatment for herpes like lavender oil. Lavender oil is a type of natural treatment for herpes which is giving relief to thousands of herpes sufferers everyday. I know there are millions of herpes patients in the United States, but it will take time for lavender oil herpes cure to reach all.

lavender oil for herpes cure

Why Lavender Oil Herpes Cure is Lesser Known?

Not because the treatment is ineffective, but because it does not hold a potential to give millions of dollars as profit to anyone. And when it is incapable of giving monetary profits, who would waste money on advertising such thing? This is the real reason behind natural treatments lacking popularity, and antiviral treatment in spite of being harmful is famous. Click here to know about why one should never use antivirals for herpes treatment.

Herpes is not a life threatening infection and it can be controlled with the help of some simple natural methods also. In addition to this, herpes is a life long infection and no one knows when the virus will hit them again. As soon as the virus becomes active once again, the same cold sores will appear on your skin. Where the cold sores will develop on your body depends on which type of herpes you have. If you have genital herpes with herpes simplex type 2 virus residing in your body, you will have sores and blisters appearing on your genitals. In case you are infected with the other type of herpes simplex virus- HSV1, you will have oral herpes with cold sores coming out of the skin on your mouth and face.

Right after the virus becomes active, you will have to seek some assistance. This assistance may be in the form of medicines, homeopathic treatment or natural treatment. During your entire lifetime, if you are infected with herpes, you will need this type of assistance quite often. This means the goodness and badness of the method of treatment you have chosen will have a significant impact on your body and health.

This is why choosing the right treatment method is important in herpes. With any other disease, you will have to use the treatment method just once, but with herpes you will need it again and again. Hence you should go for a method which not only deals with herpes outbreaks, but at the same time enhances your overall health and has no place for any adverse effects. Yes, there are treatment methods that offer you all these things and you will get to know about them shortly.

herpes virus

Let use throw some light on lavender oil for herpes cure first. We will see everything that is making lavender oil herpes cure the most preferred treatment among all the herpes sufferers and also why you should leave the current treatment you are using for herpes and choose lavender oil herpes treatment.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is extracted mostly from the flowers of the lavender plant, primarily through steam distillation. Do you know when lavender oil was first used? Was it 100 years ago or 1000? The use of lavender oil dates back to approximately 2500 years ago.

Initially it was found in Mediterranean, Middle East and India. And if you observe the cultivation of lavender today, it is cultivated across its countries of origin as well as Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North and South America.

Romans, inspired from Greeks used lavender oil to purify their bathing water. In past Egyptians used lavender oil for the process of mummification. And even the ancient Greeks considered lavender oil as holy and sacred.  All of them used lavender oil in some or the other form. Initially the fragrance of the flower attracted different cultures and lavender oil was used as perfumes, but later on it was recognized for medicinal uses as well. Later on, roman soldiers used lavender for healing wounds and to fight infections.

And since then, lavender oil has been extensively used for medicinal purposes as well as aromatherapy and perfume. Recently it has been discovered that lavender oil can also be used for treating herpes. In fact lavender oil herpes treatment has gained popularity with time. You must be amazed about the use of the fragrant oil in infection like herpes, may be you are not aware of it, but lavender oil has more than just a few benefits for herpes patients.

lavender oil herpes cure

If we talk about the health benefits of lavender oil apart from herpes, the list is quite long. Actually this essential oil can be used in almost every health related problem as it has direct impact on the immunity of humans. Immunity is the strength of humans with which they can fight off all the diseases and lavender oil raises immunity. So, you can say that instead of fighting with every single disease individually, lavender oil creates a barrier for all of them.

Isn’t it wonderful? Of course it is, and this is the magic of lavender oil. Apart from enhancing the ability to fight with diseases, lavender oil is extremely good for your skin. It is a natural treatment to acne. Much before the introduction of lavender oil for herpes treatment, lavender oil had already been used to treat acne by mankind. And acne is not alone; this essential oil is also used as an aid to digestion and blood circulation.

By making the flow of food smooth into your digestive tract, lavender oil improves digestion, and to avail its benefits in improving blood circulation, it is used in combination with other essential oils. Lavender oil, when used as oil for aromatherapy, is known to heal respiratory diseases like sinuses, asthma, cold, cough etc.

Last but not the least, lavender essential oil is also found to be beneficial for cancer patients. Some studies conducted on mice with lavender oil, it was seen that lavender oil in combination with other essential oils was able to prevent breast cancer. Although a lot more research has to be done in this direction, it was must to tell you that how beneficial the use of lavender oil can turn out to be.


To know more about how herbal remedies can cure herpes, click here. 

Lavender oil For Herpes Cure- Is It Really Effective?

How many of you have ever heard of something called lavender oil for herpes treatment? It is even hard to imagine that this simple essential oil can heal an infection like herpes. But it is true. We will tell you about what are the benefits of using lavender oil for herpes treatment. Not only your herpes outbreaks will be treated, but you will get all the health benefits discussed above for free if you choose lavender oil for herpes cure. Let us see what lavender oil herpes treatment can do for the herpes patients.

  • Lavender oil is an excellent disinfectant. This means it can kill any type of bacterial growth in the cold sores resulting due to a herpes infection. Lavender oil herpes treatment can help you prevent secondary infections that often occur in the cold sores due to bacteria growing in the fluid present.
  • Lavender oil has powerful antiseptic properties as well. It acts as a germicidal and kills not only bacteria but any other micro organism growing on your body. Although it has not been proven yet that lavender oil can kill herpes simplex virus, but it actively defeats some other viruses.
  • Due to the anti inflammatory properties present in lavender oil, the lavender oil herpes treatment is the best treatment for herpes and cold sores. You can elevate pain and tiredness due to herpes outbreak with lavender oil.
  • Herpes is not perceived as merely a viral infection because it has so many other factors associated with it. It not only bothers you physically but also mentally. There are many solutions to come out of the physical symptoms, but no option gives you mind a treat. Lavender oil herpes cure do it for you. If you are depressed and are also suffering from anxiety, you must go for lavender oil herpes treatment only.

  • Problems in sleeping are also very common in herpes and lavender oil acts as a treatment to insomnia. Sleeplessness is dangerous not only for the herpes outbreaks but also for your overall health. Lack of sleep often develops stress and tiredness; and these two trigger herpes outbreak. To deal with this issue you can use lavender oil.
  • If you think of using lavender oil herpes cure for treating cold sores, I mean if you want to apply lavender oil directly on cold sores, you can do it without hesitation as lavender oil is very beneficial for your skin. In addition to treating cold sores, it will do all good for your skin.
  • During herpes outbreaks, pain in your muscles, bones body and even headache is very common. You can also get rid of pain by lavender oil herpes cure as lavender oil also has pain relieving properties.
  • In history, lavender was used as a general mood tonic, to lift the spirits and for calming. So for these effects also you can use lavender oil herpes treatment. Because it is during herpes outbreaks only when you need a boost, motivation and calming effect.
  • Lavender oil herpes cure not only heals the sores faster, but it also reduces the frequency of herpes outbreaks. Yes, as lavender oil has good effects on immunity, you can decrease the number of herpes outbreaks you have to bear every year with the help of lavender oil herpes cure. Isn’t it unbelievable? Yes, it is unbelievable, but completely true.

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Lavender oil has been used through the ages for of its cleansing and healing properties. Now, it is being used for treating herpes patients also. Lavender oil herpes cure is beating every other herpes treatment available. Be it any other essential oil, homeopathic treatment, ayurvedic course, or even antiviral treatments, lavender oil herpes cure beats all of them. Yes, lavender oil is better than any other type of cure for herpes. if you don’t believe it, see a few advantages of using lavender oil herpes cure over other herpes treatment methods.

Why Choose Lavender Oil Herpes Treatment?

Why should one go for lavender oil for herpes cure? Why should I leave antivirals and start using a completely new method. We have not one or two, but many reasons.

  • Lavender oil for herpes cure is perfectly natural way of treating herpes, and hence your body will adapt to it really soon. Not only this, lavender oil herpes cure has several other advantages for herpes patients which make it equally capable to any other herpes cure.
  • Being natural clearly has another benefit: lavender oil herpes treatment method is safe also. It is totally side effect free. The side effects you cannot avoid while using antivirals are nowhere in the picture with lavender oil herpes cure.
  • Whichever way you use lavender oil for herpes cure, it is extremely easy to get and easy to use.
  • Unlike other natural remedies for herpes, you do not have to face the bitter taste or bad smell. Lavender oil for herpes has lovely aroma that will make you fall in love with the cure.

lavender oil for herpes treatment

By now you might have spent dollars on antiviral treatment for herpes. Did you get a permanent cure? I know the answer is no, then why don’t you switch to an inexpensive method of treatment which is as effective as antivirals? Think about lavender oil for herpes cure if you really want to save you money and get cured in a better way.

Precautions While Using Lavender Oil Herpes Treatment

You can use lavender oil alone or in combination with other essential oils like jojoba oil for treating herpes. Avail the benefits of lavender oil for herpes treatment via topical application or aromatherapy. It depends on your choice and also problem. But make sure you use high quality and natural lavender oil. All the essential oil brands are not safe to ingest.

Apart from this, make sure you take proper precautions and hygienic measures while applying lavender oil on herpes sores topically.

It is not a good idea to waste your time, money and even health on ineffective or harmful ways when you have something like lavender oil for herpes treatment. Go for it and give your health, immunity and mood the desired boost.

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