Colloidal Silver For Herpes Cure – A Boon For All Herpes Sufferers

colloidal silver herpes

Colloidal Silver For Herpes Cure – A New Way to Cure Herpes

Do you know what is colloidal silver? Even if you don’t know what colloidal silver is, there are chances that you are aware of herpes. If you know what herpes is, it is high time you should also make yourself aware of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver for herpes is something that is making news on the internet as well as in the physical world. This product is said to kill the herpes simplex virus. Yes, you haven’t read it wrong and colloidal silver herpes cure is gaining popularity not because someone is spending millions of dollars on the advertisements of this product but because it has relieved thousands of herpes patients from the reoccurring herpes outbreaks.

One of my friends had herpes and he was very frustrated with the herpes outbreaks that used to bother him almost once a month. Yes, every month he used to take break from work for almost 5 days. Not only in office, but during that time we could not see him even in parties or anywhere else. We used to go for a walk in the morning, but during those days he skipped that also.

It was understood because he was scared of his status of being infected would have been revealed if anyone had seen the ugly cold sores on his face. Right after the off, I could always see the effects of a herpes outbreak in him. He looked weak, torn apart, in-confident and pathetic. Those 4-5 days of outbreaks made him look like he was ill for almost 15 days. This was unfortunate but who could have helped him, after all it was herpes. Yes, it was herpes- the infection that has the power to take all the happiness, love, comfort and self esteem away from you. Suddenly he started coming regularly. For almost six months, he did not take any off, and also he was more happy, productive and cheerful than ever. I was wondering what brought that change in him, of course I was happy to see him this way, but at the same time I was curious too.

One fine day I asked him about what was really going on. He smiled at me and reminded me of the day he came to me crying badly. It was the day when he was diagnosed with herpes. He could not believe the results at first, and once he was convinced by the doctor that he had herpes, he was thinking of how to hide it from others. Hiding his infection was his first concern and not treating. This itself speaks of the stigma related to herpes existing in the society. After seeing him, I can understand that dealing with herpes becomes more difficult when the stigma adds to it. Anyways, moving on I said- “how can I forget that day, but what is point in talking about the bad times? I just wanted to tell you that you look happier than ever, what is the reason behind your changed behavior?”

What he told next actually amazed me. I could not believe it, just like he could not believe that he had herpes a few months ago. He finally had a cure for herpes. Although I was not a herpes patient, I knew what herpes was. And hence it was more of a surprise to me. Herpes has been incurable since ages. So many scientists are working for a herpes cure, but no one has reached to a solution yet. On the top of everything, I was thinking about how many dollars he had spent for curing herpes. I asked so many questions within seconds.

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Reading the anxiousness on my face he said something even more surprising. He told me that in a few dollars and without any doctor he has managed to find a cure for herpes. Now it was going out of the way. I told him not to kid and tell me the reality. He laughed at me and said- I am a herpes patient and how can I make fun of such an important topic. Even now I could not believe him and asked him to give every detail of what he was talking about.

When he went to get some coffee for both of us, while sitting outside, I was thinking about all the herpes patients I knew. If he was really serious, it would be a great relief for all of them. As soon as he came back, we started on the same topic. At that day I got to know that something like colloidal silver exists and colloidal silver for herpes cure was the solution to all the problems of millions of herpes patients of the United States.

Colloidal silver for herpes cure on internet

Immediately after that I searched the internet for colloidal silver herpes cure. There were so many results, but I had the patience and interest of reading a good number out of all. Obviously I could not read all of them but at the end I had the information I needed. I knew that colloidal silver for herpes was famous in many countries and it was a way to get rid of herpes permanently.

I got the chance to become a messenger sent by god to all my friends who had herpes. After using colloidal silver herpes cure, all of them could get rid of herpes. Now for all those who can’t believe that something like colloidal silver for herpes exists and it is effective as well, you can read the article. Here we will tell you everything about the colloidal silver herpes cure.

colloidal silver for herpesWhat is colloidal silver herpes cure – a myth or reality?

You might have seen colloidal silver on the shelves of many food stores. Health stores and pharmaceuticals are selling many variants and brands of this product. It is famous for mild allergies and viral infections like cold. But only a few of you are aware of the use of colloidal silver for herpes. Colloidal silver for herpes cure is gaining popularity but at a very slow pace because herpes still is the least talked about topic in our society. Our education, high profile society, modernization and everything else fails the status of herpes patients. Herpes patients were a matter of ridicule, they are made fun of today and tomorrow also it will be the same for them.

Luckily you have internet which gave us colloidal silver herpes cure. Now, even if the society is not willing to change, you can change your herpes infection. Sounds good, but how? Of course with colloidal silver for herpes. We will tell what exactly it is and how it is effective in herpes. In a short while you will also get to know about the possible side effects of colloidal silver so that you will have a refined perspective about colloidal silver herpes cure and conflicting opinions on the internet will no more hinder your way to a herpes free life.

Definition of colloidal silver

If we talk in scientific terms, Colloidal silver is a suspension of submicroscopic metallic silver particles in a colloidal base. In general colloidal silver is the solution that chokes the viral and bacterial colonies to death. This is the reason behind the effectiveness of colloidal silver herpes cure. Colloidal silver can kill any type of bacterial, fungal and even viral infections. Small amount of silver killed almost 650 types of pathogens within minutes during a study conducted back in 1980’s. Isn’t it amazing? After reading this you might have already started imagining a herpes free future.

The use of colloidal is new in the field of herpes cure, but for other medical purposes it has been used successfully since the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately the status of silver as an antibiotic soon changed with the development of penicillin and sulfa drugs. With time many bacteria developed resistance to antibiotics and then silver once again got back the much deserved attention. Till date no bacteria has developed resistance against colloidal silver.

Herpes cure and colloidal silver

Talking specifically about herpes, colloidal silver herpes cure gained popularity when the reviews of the product started coming from the herpes patients living all around the world. You might have read reviews about colloidal silver for herpes. Hardly will you find any negative impacts of this product. Every other site is talking about colloidal silver herpes cure, but there are many others who warn you of safety. It is important to have a look at the potential risks of using the colloidal silver herpes cure. Hence along with the other aspects of colloidal silver herpes cure, we have thrown some light on the complications with this product.

How can colloidal silver treat herpes?

Colloidal silver is said to kill herpes simplex virus. Just like we need air to breathe, herpes simplex virus needs some enzymes to live and reproduce. The colloidal silver attacks those enzymes and makes it impossible for them to survive. Not only can colloidal silver kills the herpes virus, but it also cares about the tissues. Colloidal silver is perfectly safe for healthy tissues, and it also reduces inflammation in the infected cells. This solution also enhances the speed at which cells prefer to heal. Do you know what is the best about colloidal silver?

You might have seen many antiviral and antibiotic treatments. These methods or agents are not only harmful for the harmful micro organisms, but they also have negative effects on the good enzymes. If you want to know about the side-effects of medication for herpes patients, click here. Colloidal silver on the other hand is absolutely free from this problem as it targets only the bad organisms without affecting the good ones.

What about the safety?

In a study conducted by American Biotech Labs’ nano – silver products, silver was checked whether it was toxic for human cells or not.  A number of independent cyto- toxicity tests were carried out to confirm the results of silver on human cells. Two different concentrations of the silver solution were checked in the study- 10 and 22 ppm (parts per million). Luckily the products at both the concentrations were found to do no damage at all to either human or monkey cells. There are several other studies conducted to ensure the safety of the product and luckily, colloidal silver failed in none of them.

No matter what all the other sites are telling you, research speaks the truth and according to researches you can anytime use colloidal silver herpes cure and it won’t harm you. But you have to be careful while using colloidal silver herpes cure. Let us see how to use colloidal silver as herpes cure.

How to use colloidal silver for herpes treatment?

You can make colloidal silver at home, or can choose to buy from any store near you. But when you go to the store, you will be asked many questions regarding which type of colloidal silver you want and in what concentration? If you are using colloidal silver for herpes, the ideal concentration will be 20 ppm (parts per million). Some of the most popular brands are Utopia Silver and Sovereign Silver. You will get a bottle that will contain liquid yellowish in color. If the color is dark, there are chances that the solution is not pure and hence not worth using.

Colloidal Silver herpes treatmentOnce you get the colloidal silver herpes cure in hand, the next step is to use it. You can take colloidal silver orally, as it is indicated in many studies that it is safe. You can either follow the instructions given on the bottle, or simply have half tablespoon of colloidal silver twice a day.

Doing this will reduce your herpes outbreaks to only once or twice a year. This will be a great achievement.

Other benefits of colloidal silver

It will sound like I am singing the tunes of colloidal silver, but this product deserves every bit of whatever said. Colloidal silver is highly anti bacterial and antiviral in nature and hence can be used against any bacterial or viral infection. It is also used for healing wounds, eye or ear infection, and in allergies like cold or flu. Not only from reviews, Finally research is also reflecting what many people have already known anecdotally for years, that colloidal silver can reduce swelling, speed healing, and boosts cell recovery!

Potential risks of using colloidal silver

Excess use of colloidal silver can lead to a permanent bluish discoloration of the skin, which is called argyria. This is possible with both, homemade and commercial colloidal silver solution.

There are many antiviral medications available for herpes. Bit if you are also fed up with the side effects and regular expense done on them, you can try something like colloidal silver for herpes. Colloidal silver herpes cure is gaining popularity day by day. It is serving many herpes patients with the right, side effect free and most awaited cure for herpes. You might have tried the other common natural remedies for herpes outbreaks treatment like Echinacea, aloe vera, monolaurin, lysine, olive oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil, and coconut oil.

Now it is time to shift to a method which is better than both- antiviral medications as well as natural cures, and it is colloidal silver herpes cure. This is the last treatment you will have to try for herpes because once you use it, you will not use any other method for treating herpes.

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