Epsom Salt- The Simple Yet Effective Remedy For Genital Herpes

epsom salt for genital herpes

Epsom Salt for Genital Herpes – How Effective the Remedy is?

Have you ever thought of curing genital herpes at home? You might think it is impossible, but the truth is that you haven’t tried curing herpes at home with any possible natural remedy for genital herpes. Herpes is a viral infection, the cause behind which is the herpes simplex type 2 virus and sometimes herpes simplex type 1 also. This has certainly become the universal truth which every one of us is aware about. Especially all the herpes patients know this fact. But only a few of the herpes patients know that herpes has its solutions in a very common product being a really effective remedy for genital herpes. Yes, genital herpes can be taken care of with the help of the really beneficial Epsom salt, what is scientifically known as hydrated magnesium sulfate. You can achieve the required goal by using epsom salt for genital herpes.

epsom salt and herpes

Epsom Salt is not Salt…..

Epsom salt was first discovered in the early 1800’s and the name was given after a town in England. Since then right from your body to your garden, Epsom salt find its uses everywhere. Do you know what Epsom salt really is? You might be aware that magnesium sulfate is another name for Epsom salt. If you say it is kind of a salt, let me tell you that you have to know Epsom salt better before using it. Epsom salt looks like salt but it is pure mineral.

Now you might be thinking that the name itself indicates that it is salt, right? The name was attributed with the keyword salt because of its appearance only and in reality it is just another natural mineral found in water. Starting from your bathroom to the plants planted in your garden, Epsom salt has been used in every field and plays different roles at different places. It has been in news recently for its ability to cure herpes. Epsom salt has so many benefits to offer for genital herpes patients that those suffering from the painful blisters and cold sores cannot afford to miss this natural product.

Epsom salt reduces pain due to genital herpes symptoms

Genital herpes symptoms are not that easy to deal with. It is not something you can ignore, because even when you want to neglect the symptoms of genital herpes, the pain and unease caused by cold sores will never let you do so. Body ache, headache and ache in the muscles and joints are commonly seen in genital herpes patients. These symptoms appear in human body much before the cold sores are seen on the skin. It is a good thing because with time these painful symptoms will become warning signs. How can pain be good?

Pain is of course not an enjoyable state, but if you figure out how soon your next genital herpes outbreak will hit you, you can prevent many other symptoms from bothering you. For instance, if with pain or some other early signs of genital herpes you get to know that genital herpes outbreak will hit you in the next two days, you can use some effective remedy for genital herpes that can suppress the cold sores even before they think of coming out of your skin. But for that you need a right way to deal with the symptoms which is nothing else but Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). If used, epsom salt for genital herpes, it can give you to the extent you can never imagine.

Epsom salt can relieve body pain and muscle ache really fast. All you need is a bath tub filled with lukewarm water and of course a tablespoon of Epsom salt. Soak yourself in the bath tub for about 15 minutes everyday and all your pain due to cold sores or any other reason will be drained by the water. Isn’t it a great natural home remedy for genital herpes?

Relaxes your body and mind with Epsom salt

Your mind needs to be relaxed more than your body because genital herpes virus bothers you brain more than your body. All kind of negative thoughts surround your brain and you can become mentally ill if you do not know how to accept the fact that you have genital herpes. No matter how modern we are, our mind is preoccupied with all kinds of negativity regarding certain things like sexually transmitted disease called herpes.

We have moved on in the field of technology, fashion, medicine and everything else, but at this point our society stagnates at the same place. This is the stigma of social rejection and negativity associated with the genital herpes infection. We have so many treatment options for the physical symptoms of herpes or cold sores but unfortunately there is nothing that addresses the mental and emotional issues that genital herpes virus creates.

After the first few outbreaks, the emotional stress becomes more difficult to deal with than the physical discomfort. Here Epsom salt is of great use for us. Using Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate in any way is beneficial for relaxing your body, mind and soul. Some studies show that Epsom salt has reach to brain and hence is very effective in relieving stress from the mind of herpes patients. You can say that epsom salt for genital herpes treatment is the best solution you can ever get.

Epsom salt bath speeds up the healing process of sores and blisters

You know how much important it is to keep the sores during the genital herpes outbreak clean, dry and infection free. Washing the cold sores frequently with water treated with Epsom salt can do all these things for you. Wondering how washing makes it dry? It is because of the presence of Epsom salt.

Epsom salt not only draws out excess of moisture from the cold sores but also kills any type of bacterial growth taking place inside the sores. Yes, the cold sores resulting from viral infection can further develop bacterial infection. If you still think what can be worst than herpes, trust me you haven’t experienced this type of infection in the blisters. You can trust epsom salt for genital herpes cure blindly as it will not only cure you, but it will also help the side-effects of antivirals stay away from you.

The blisters are usually filled with fluid. This fluid oozing out of the cold sores can make the situation of genital herpes outbreak even more unbearable. But with the use of Epsom salt, you can not only avoid the pain and body ache, but can also say good bye to the cold sores, blisters and the fluid oozing out of the blisters really soon. Does epsom salt help herpes outbreaks? Yes, it helps and now you know how.

Magnesium sulfate/Epsom salt can reduce itching occurring on skin affected by sores

Itching is the worst nightmare, which makes the cold sores occurring on the genital parts in herpes infection unbearable. Itching makes the genital herpes patients touch the cold sores again and again. It is easy to say that touching the sores again and again spreads the infection to several other places, but itching is something that you loose your control over.

Your hand will move to the cold sore as soon as you feel itchiness at that place. Many options for topical treatment for genital herpes are available that are quite effective in controlling all other factors associated with cold sores but not itching. For controlling itching you have very few options and out of those options Epsom salt is the only one that has not side effects. By controlling itching with the help of Epsom salt, you reduce the chances of secondary infection by almost half.

Reduce the frequency of genital herpes outbreaks with magnesium sulfate

Forget about treating the genital herpes symptoms after they occur. Why to bear them even for one day when you can avoid a genital herpes outbreak by using Epsom salt for genital herpes. On one side you will reduce the frequency of genital herpes outbreak, and on the other side you will see some remarkable changes in your overall health. This is the most amazing part about using Epsom salt. Frequent baths in water treated with Epsom salt can delay your next genital herpes outbreak, without giving you any side effect. What else a genital herpes patient wants?

How to use Epsom salt/ magnesium sulfate for herpes

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. Magnesium performs more functions in the human body than nearly any other mineral. To avail the benefits of Epsom salt, you can add it to your bath tub. Using epsom salt for genital herpes can give you all the desired results in a way that you don’t need to look for any alternative.

The procedure of using Epsom salt to make it work against herpes virus

Directly add 3 handful of Epsom salt to your bath tub. You can even premix the Epsom salt with water in small bowl and then add the mixture of the bowl to your bath tub. Both the methods will eventually have the Epsom salt mixed in water. Soak yourself in the bath tub for about fifteen minutes. You can do this thrice every week to let the Epsom salt get absorbed into your skin and fight with the genital herpes virus.

Precautions to be taken while using Epsom salt/ magnesium sulfate for treating herpes cold sores

  • Make sure the bathing water is not too hot. It is always best to use lukewarm water.
  • Do not use soap right after bathing in Epsom salt water.
  • Try to keep the temperature of your bathroom quite high to avoid shivering while relaxing in the bath tub.
  • Always have a warm water shower after coming out of the tub, but do not use soap.
  • You may need a moisturizer after bathing in the water mixed with Epsom salt depending on your skin type.

epsom salt for genital herpesEpsom salt is natural and hence it has no side effects. There is no genital herpes medication that can give you relief without inducing any side effects in your body. Also if you compare the cost and other such factors, a simple natural product like Epsom salt can beat all the medicinal cures for herpes. Unfortunately Epsom salt is a remedy for genital herpes outbreaks and not herpes infection. This is the only thing Epsom salt is incapable of killing the herpes virus.

If at all Epsom salt was capable of removing, it would have been the best natural remedy for genital herpes, oral herpes, the physical and mental symptoms of herpes outbreaks and the cold sores that yell out loudly and tell the world that you have herpes. If we leave this aspect of Epsom salt behind, all the other symptoms of genital herpes are very well taken care of by this amazing and unbelievably capable natural genital herpes treatment. It is just that like all the other treatment products, Epsom salt also is a temporary product and has no element to kill the virus. But this doesn’t matter because there is nothing else on this earth that is providing you with this privilege. Genital herpes cure was far away from the reach of mankind decades ago, and even today there is no significant change in the status of genital herpes or cold sores cure.

Once the herpes simplex virus enters human body, there is no way to eliminate it. Whether you take help from the recently introduced medicines, or from some age old natural remedies, you cannot get rid of herpes permanently. Now a wise man would find a way to manage the symptoms which is safe, effective as well as healthy because everyone knows that herpes is for lifetime. And even if you go for the least harmful product, the side effects will eventually become large enough to bother you because the method you are choosing will be used by you not once or twice but frequently. Taking this factor into consideration, Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) is the only solution for genital herpes. It is safe, cheap, natural, and effective as well as side effect free.

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