Coffee And Herpes Outbreaks – Cure Herpes Outbreaks With The Sip Of Coffee

coffee and herpes outbreaks

Coffee And Herpes Outbreaks – Is There Any Significant Relation?

Are you one of those herpes patients who drink coffee every now and then? Coffee and herpes outbreaks- Is there any relation? Do you have any idea about the effects of coffee and herpes outbreaks together create in your body? What are the other drinks that are similar in effects to coffee for herpes outbreaks? All these questions are really very small but if you look at the impact they make on every herpes patient, it is considerably very big. Before answering the questions, let us see why all these questions are of utmost importance.

Have you ever wondered why you suffer from herpes outbreak more than your close friend, even when you two are infected by the same virus? This indeed makes a big difference. Suffering from herpes outbreak once in a year is alright, but when the virus hits you every two or three months, your life becomes hell. The next outbreak is waiting for you by the time you recover from the previous one. This is bad, too bad to bear, isn’t it? You also have had lied in the category of those herpes patients if you had bothered about spotting the difference between them and you. If you think coffee is causing you suffer more, I would advice you to think about it and have a look at all the factors creating so much of difference among the herpes patients.

Herpes simplex virus is just the same. With a minor difference in oral herpes and genital herpes symptoms, everything else is just the same. Then what makes the symptoms, intensity and frequency of herpes outbreaks vary so much? One important factor that decides the future of herpes virus in your body is your immune system. You might have heard this before also. Immune system, coffee and herpes outbreak, all three have some amazing outputs. Immune system directly controls when and how much intense outbreaks you will suffer from. If you have a strong immune system, the herpes virus will remain silent and whenever it will try to activate and cause an outbreak, the immune system will act as a wall.

Although immune system is unable to kill herpes because it hides deep into the nerve cells, it can make it impossible for the herpes virus to become active. This is reason behind many people living their entire life carrying a herpes virus into their body without being aware of being infected. They do not have any herpes outbreak during their lifetime. Yes, if you have a really strong immune system, it is possible that the herpes virus finds it difficult to cause even a single outbreak.

This happens quite often, but there is another common scenario where the infected person suffers from herpes outbreak once and lives the rest of his life like an uninfected person. Some others take antiviral medication everyday to avoid herpes outbreaks. It is all a game of immune system. Apart from immune system, we have some other triggers for herpes outbreaks. Some acts, mental states, foods and drinks can also become a reason behind frequent outbreaks. These factors sometimes overpower the strong immune system as well because the herpes virus feed on them and gains power. By the way, do you know what effects coffee and herpes outbreaks have on immune system? We know that herpes outbreaks are not good for human body, but what about coffee?

In order make the herpes virus weaker and your immune system stronger, you have to avoid certain foods and change your lifestyle. In which domain coffee lies for herpes outbreaks? Is it a good idea to include coffee in your daily routine because it can cure herpes outbreaks? Or does it come under the category of foods and drinks every herpes patient should avoid? Just like herpes cure, this answer is not a bit simple. Some websites claim that coffee can cure herpes outbreaks while others state that coffee must be avoided. Let us see all the factors that can make coffee and herpes outbreaks a good combination for herpes patients, and also have a look at the bad affects it can have for herpes patients. This way we will move closer to an answer to whether coffee is helpful in herpes outbreaks or not.

 coffee for herpes



About coffee

Are you also a coffee lover like me? Apart from Coffee for herpes outbreaks, there are some other roles of coffee for humans. Coffee is one of the mostly used beverages in the world. Trust me coffee is not as unhealthy as it is sometimes portrayed as. Coffee indeed is a healthy drink loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that together works towards improving your overall health. It can have anti aging effects on you skin as well as cells, and at the same time it can also save you from many chronic diseases. Coffee is found in the list of drinks that can reduce the chances of heart attack, decreases the mortality rate of heart patients, works for improvement in diseases like Alzheimer and also reduces the risk of certain type of cancers.

These were minor and major health benefits of coffee on your health and body. There are some negative effects too, and we will throw some light on that aspect as well, but before that let us understand the effect of coffee on bacteria and virus. Till now it looks like coffee is helpful for human beings, but what is its effect on viruses? If some reports are to be believed, coffee can kill the most common viruses like herpes and polio virus. You will see the exact effect of coffee on herpes in a short while.

Every benefit mentioned here has been proved in several studies conducted around the world. Now regular coffee drinkers must be very happy, right? But there are some other factors associated with this tasty drink. Coffee is often believed to cause insomnia, headaches, irregular heart beats and hallucinations. Because coffee contains caffeine, it has different effects on different people. The food and beverage industry spend millions, if not billions of dollars worldwide to fund studies and promote caffeinated products as safe or even healthy. But the doubt among the citizens about coffee being healthy is still there. We cannot generalize it, but yes, we can surely find out what role coffee plays in herpes treatment.

About Herpes Outbreaks Treatment

Herpes is a viral infection every one nowadays is afraid of. Herpes patients were using antivirals till now, but being moved by the side effects of antivirals, every one is now searching for a better way to deal with genital herpes outbreak. And it is wise also because you may not notice, but your small acts and choices can either help in healing or can also destroy your health. This is another aspect of fighting with herpes virus. Immunity has a prominent role to play, but this factor has its own role in writing your herpes destiny.

It is easy to eat a pill everyday to treat herpes and to avoid future outbreaks, but it is difficult to leave addictions or to bring changes in your lifestyle. It will become easier if you value your health and body. Some healthy practices can not only save your money but can also help you in the treatment of herpes in a healthy way. Read more to know about how make your life easier living with herpes.

Yes, you can treat herpes outbreak and at the same time avoid the painful and long lasting side effects that antiviral medications induce into your body without fail. If I tell you that you can treat herpes over a cup of coffee, would you believe it? I mean drink a cup of coffee and herpes outbreaks will be treated. Coffee and other home remedies for herpes are really effective in treating herpes, provided you know the right way to use it. In fact herpes patients are finding these types of practices more healthy, effective and beneficial than antivirals. May be they are fed up of the side effects of antivirals or the reason might be something else, but these days herpes patients are moving towards these type of cures for dealing with herpes outbreaks.

Coffee and herpes outbreaks

So now it is clear that herpes patients should drink coffee and herpes outbreaks will stay away from them. Apart from dealing with herpes outbreak and stopping the virus from multiplying, coffee is famous among herpes patients because it can deal with the mental aspects of the infection. Coffee is anti depressant and mood elevator and hence herpes patients use it as a source of peace and mental stability. Stress is one of the strongest triggers of herpes outbreak, and with coffee you can control stress up to certain extent.

During herpes outbreak, the though of being infected always bothers human mind and this makes their situation really stressful and unhappy. Some of the herpes patients are even found to go in depression after certain amount of time. It is a really difficult situation to handle because herpes is not a physical discomfort but also a social threat in which you are under pressure all the time. The anti depressant effect of coffee may make you life easier and your brain lighter.

What do researches say about coffee and herpes outbreaks?

You may find it hard to believe it if I tell you that coffee is effective in herpes because coffee is such a common drink and herpes is something that even expensive antivirals cannot treat. Let us see the outcomes of a study conducted by some scientists of Japan. The scientists of Japan used regular as well as instant coffee products in the laboratory test to see their effects against herpes virus and what they observed was unbelievable. The coffee present in our kitchen is really a cure for herpes outbreaks. In the laboratory tests, eight regular coffee products and seven instant coffee products were taken and introduced to the cells infected with a herpes virus.

Do you know what the coffee did next? Coffee successfully blocked the further replication of the herpes virus. This means the virus could not reproduced once it came in contact with the coffee solution. Not only this, it saved the nearby cells from being infected, restricting the spreading of herpes virus to uninfected cells. This sounds really amazing, isn’t it? Not only in this study, in many studies conducted worldwide, it was seen that coffee can treat herpes outbreaks. We can now say the coffee and herpes outbreaks are really enemies.

Caffeine, coffee and herpes outbreaks: what can be concluded after analyzing the results?

Some believe that it is due to the presence of caffeine, but caffeine is present in many other products as well. Caffeine alone can not do anything for herpes and coffee has some other anti herpes elements which together with caffeine are capable of fighting with the virus. If we take a look at the studies conducted on caffeine’s effect on herpes, the results were not so helpful, but the studies on coffee and herpes outbreaks give us a ray of hope.

The antiviral activity of coffee extracts was not solely related to caffeine. Decaffeinated instant coffee was as potent as caffeinated instant coffee against both viruses tested.

Coffee and herpes outbreaks: can they co- exist?

coffee for herpesAt many websites, coffee is described as the enemy of herpes patients. Yes, even after the research outputs coming in favor of use of coffee for treating herpes outbreaks, people find it hard to digest. There are many web sites that include the name of coffee in the list of foods that every herpes patient must avoid. The reason behind them stating this is the presence of caffeine in the coffee. But they forget to see the combined effect of all the ingredients present in coffee. We have told you earlier also that caffeine alone is not capable enough of fighting herpes. It is hence clear that coffee and herpes outbreaks cannot stay together at the same place.

Yes, there are certain foods that every herpes patient must avoid, and those are- high arginine and low lysine foods, acidic foods, cold drinks, caffeine, junk foods and foods high in sugar. Nowhere on this list will you see the name of coffee. So, you can drink your favorite beverage without worrying about its effect on herpes outbreaks, but make sure you drink it within limits.

There are many other natural treatments for herpes which you can try anytime just like coffee as they don’t have any side effect and also are easily available. Echinacea, lysine rich food, aloe vera, licorice root extract, baking soda, coconut oil, and olive oil are the names of very famous natural treatments for herpes outbreaks. If you want to know more about the other natural remedies for herpes, click here. Coffee also is a great remedy that reduces the intensity of herpes outbreaks by blocking the reproduction of the herpes simplex virus, and it also reduces the frequency of herpes outbreaks in future.

Although “coffee and herpes outbreaks” is the most researched topics in the world, there has been no unanimous answer for the question- whether coffee is healthy or unhealthy. The only thing ubiquitously true about coffee is that if you take it under some limits, it is surely very beneficial. If you drink it ever now and then, skip foods and replace meals with a cup of coffee, it is surely going to harm your body. It is in your hands that how well you use it in order to gain maximum benefit out of a cup of coffee.

Coffee can be healthy provided you know how much coffee you must drink everyday. The same holds true for herpes outbreaks also. Coffee seems to be effective against herpes outbreaks, but if you start drinking coffee every hour thinking it treats herpes outbreaks, you may end up having more outbreaks. Use coffee the good way to get the goodness and the day you start using it in excess, things will surely become against your health.

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