Cayenne Pepper For Herpes – How Can Cayenne Pepper Cure Herpes?

cayenne pepper for herpes

You Will Not Require Anything Else After Using Cayenne Pepper for Herpes

You may not admit it in public that you have herpes, but looking for the right cure for herpes on internet is something millions of people do everyday. You also might have spent considerable amount of time on this. Apart from visiting the doctor and spending hard earned money on antiviral treatments, this is another addition to the life of herpes patients. Some do it in a hope to find something effective; while others are here to discuss the pain and downfall they are going through. Whatever is your reason for being here, I am glad to tell you that you are lucky today. If you have been searching for the herpes cure since the time you were diagnosed with herpes, it is pleasure to announce that this will bring a halt to your search, and if you are new to the list of herpes patients, I must say that you have saved your precious time and money because after using cayenne pepper for herpes, you will not need anything else for herpes treatment.

Sometimes a common natural product can do wonders in infections like herpes and leave all the hyped antiviral and antibiotic treatments ashamed. Herpes is something that is everywhere. Although we don’t accept it in real life, but internet tells you the complete story. And since the infection has become ubiquitous, the demand for a cure for herpes has also increased exponentially. This demand has lead to the invention of many natural products that help the herpes patients in one way or the other. Cayenne pepper is also one of the outputs of the research carried out in the field of herpes cure. It is not new, and people have already used cayenne pepper in past to deal with various skin and health issues. But now, since it is backed up with the positive comments of researchers, we have decided to talk about it.

Cayenne Pepper

We all have, at some moment, used cayenne pepper in our lifetime, and if you have never ever cooked for yourself (which is next to impossible), in that case also I am sure you might have had it in any of your meals. Cayenne pepper is added to many dishes, sometimes in the form of red powder, and red hot flakes the other times. We people use it to add a nice color to food, and some others like to make their dishes spicy and hence use cayenne pepper. Only a few of us are aware of the health benefits of the small fruit and use it in soups, veggies and sauces in fresh form. Although the powdered and dried cayenne peppers are equally beneficial, but the fresh green or red colored fruits are the ultimate health boosters and immunity enhancers.


Talking about the nutritional value of the healthy spice, you will be surprised to know that it has Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Manganese, Potassium, and Flavonoids. You might have heard about all of these, but the last one, flavonoids may sound new to some of you. If you have researched on herpes a bit carefully and deeply, there are chances that you have heard this word before. If still you can’t recall it, I must tell you that flavonoids have a prominent role to play in the treatment of herpes. All the other components add health to your body, and flavonoids work in the direction of curing herpes. Although some other vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E also influence the treatment process indirectly, but flavonoids have a direct impact on the nasty herpes virus.

Cayenne pepper has been used by mankind as a herbal remedy for ages now and it is cultivated in many regions round the globe. All it requires is warm and moist soil and relatively warmer climate. These are the necessary ingredients to bring out an excellent herbal remedy for herpes and many other diseases. You still might not believe that something like cayenne pepper can cure herpes, but this is just the beginning and cayenne pepper has all the ingredients that are needed to win the fight with herpes infection.

In the late 1500’s, cayenne pepper was recommended to people with skin disorders and throat infection, and it was the time when people started recognizing the medicinal capabilities of this spice. Some call it a fruit and at some other places people call it spice, but herbalists like me who value the healing capabilities of herbs also sometimes refer to this wonderful remedy of herpes as a medicinal herb. In fact, in many parts of the world, cayenne pepper is being used in many medicines and medicinal ointments.

Cayenne Pepper For Herpes

Herpes Blisters

All those who say herpes has no cure and there is nothing on this earth that can help them get rid of herpes have not tried cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is amazing and we have been talking about it all this while, but what makes it a cure for herpes. We know it is spicy and is a treat to the buds of many people, but from where herpes came into picture? The use of cayenne pepper in treating skin disorders is not new, and you know very well how badly herpes affects your skin. Those oozing blisters and the painful cold sores do not leave us for days and even for weeks in some unlucky people. But if you treat them with cayenne pepper, trust me friends, the anti oxidant and skin friendly properties of cayenne pepper are going to take away all your pain and sufferings. Wait; don’t sprinkle the cayenne pepper right away on your skin as you will die of pain if you do it.

We will tell you how to use cayenne pepper for treating herpes. We will give you many options to choose from and fortunately none of them directs you to use the cayenne pepper powder on skin directly. Let us first see what miraculous component of cayenne pepper is responsible for making it the much talked about cure for herpes these days. “Flavonoids” is that component. Flavonoids are famous for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits, as well as their contribution of vibrant color to the foods we eat. This makes cayenne pepper both, a cure for herpes and also a flavoring agent for various foods.

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Because they also help support detoxification of potentially tissue-damaging molecules, their intake has often, although not always, been associated with decreased risk of certain types of cancers, including lung and breast cancers. As far as herpes in concerned, it is a component that assists cayenne pepper in healing the herpes cold sores faster. Also this nutrient group is really large with many health enhancing benefits and it affects the immunity as well resulting in fewer outbreaks of herpes.

And the work of cayenne pepper is not done only by assisting you in cold sores treatment and herpes cure, but it also is used to get over post herpetic neuralgia. Herpes outbreaks may leave you soon but many times it is noticed that they leave the infection footprints on your skin. These footprints are very difficult to get rid of and also are extremely painful. You may feel happy once you are out of all the symptoms of herpes outbreak, but when you see that the part of your skin that had blisters and sores is still burning, you get disappointed. This will not happen to you anymore if you switch to cayenne pepper for herpes. Let us see all the ways we can use cayenne pepper for herpes, because having the right tool is one thing and using it the right way is the completely different other way.  Each aspect has its own role to play in deciding the winner of the fight, so, let us become familiar to the ways of using cayenne pepper for herpes.

How to Use Cayenne Pepper For Herpes ?

As we have mentioned earlier that sprinkling cayenne pepper on your skin is going to be even more painful than the existing cold sores, so this in no way is going to help you out even if you are ready to bear the pain and burning sensation. Why at all do such a weird thing when we have so many other ways in which the same herb- cayenne pepper can be used.


Using cream of cayenne pepper for herpes

  • Creams or ointments that contain capsaicin are available in the market. Capsaicin is the component that is responsible for the skin repairing properties of cayenne pepper.
  • You can buy any of the creams containing the magical compound capsaicin and apply it on the cold sores.
  • Use the ointment 2 to 3 times a day and you will get relief very fast.
  • Using this cream has an advantage that you won’t further suffer from post herpetic neuralgia.

Capsule of cayenne pepper for herpes

  • You might be unaware of it, but cayenne pepper is a part of many medicines and taking its medicinal properties into consideration, many pharmacies have started making the capsules of cayenne pepper.
  • These capsules are not much expensive and you have to take them as you were using the antiviral medicines by now.
  • You can lower down the dosage if you have no herpes outbreak and increase the intake if you are suffering from herpes outbreaks.


Using cayenne pepper for herpes in natural form

  • In the previously discussed methods of using cayenne pepper for herpes, we told you to use the readily available products that contain cayenne pepper. But you can also use it naturally.
  • Get some fresh cayenne peppers and make it a routine to add them to your soup or meal. You can do it by making paste of the spice, or simply chopping it in small pieces and adding it to your sandwich.

Precautions to be Taken

Do not sprinkle the red cayenne pepper powder on your skin as it will burn the entire skin. Also keep in mind that cayenne peppers will vary in the level of spiciness and hence if you are planning to eat them raw, first taste them in a very small amount.

Other Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

The small fruit that appears to be nothing more than just a taste enhancer has unbelievable capabilities and is a gift of nature to mankind. Listing all the benefits of cayenne pepper in this article would be impossible, but just to give you an overview, let us see the health benefits of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper has anti oxidant properties and you know how much beneficial these properties are for delaying the aging of the skin tissues. So, while treating herpes you can also make yourself look younger with cayenne pepper for herpes.

health benefits of cayenne pepper

Apart from the tremendous benefits for the skin, cayenne pepper can prevent many common health issues also that are undoubtedly common but unbearable, and some are even life threatening.

  • Prevention of blood clot
  • Saving humans from various types of allergies
  • Saving your body from many types of cancers
  • Improving your disturbed digestion
  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Protecting you from cardiac problems are some of the things cayenne pepper can do for you.

These were the favors you will receive if you choose cayenne pepper for herpes treatment.

By now, you must have understood that cayenne pepper is amazingly powerful. Whether it is about using cayenne pepper for herpes, or it is about using the natural herb as a health booster, the small sized fruit has uses in both the fields. You already know that herpes is very easily transmissible, and if we believe the stats, you also know that almost everyone in the United States has got it. All this is pretty common and you will get this information everywhere, but today you have something new, different and extremely useful information. It depends on how well you implement the idea of using cayenne pepper for herpes.

But one thing is assured and that is- if you use the natural product, cayenne pepper for herpes instead of trusting antiviral drugs and expensive medicines, not only your skin, but the entire body will show tremendous changes and all of them will be for good.

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