Can We Use Garlic To Prevent And Treat Herpes?


“Garlic and herpes treatment”- have you ever seen the two together?

Those who are interested in natural cure for herpes might have read something about this treatment also. You might not have all the information about garlic and herpes treatment but this name is very common in the list of natural treatments for herpes. For those who have not tried anything besides antiviral medicines, let me tell you that the very ancient and powerful herb is garlic and herpes is everywhere today.

Garlic is known for its amazing properties of healing wounds, clearing infections, killing harmful micro organisms, giving more energy and power to your body and also raising immunity. Garlic is the most powerful and beneficial herb for mankind, and our ancestors knew it quite well. This was not all about garlic, but we have something more important to talk about today, and that is herpes.

Herpes has created much of nuisance round the world, and still the herpes simplex virus is traveling around the world like an unbeatable king. Everyone is scared of it and no one has found the cure for this embarrassing disease till date. I agree it is not killing people, but it is really killing their confidence, self esteem, relationships and courage to face the world. It is high time we introduce the perfect cure for herpes with no flaws in it. Garlic is one such candidate. As herpes has emerged as an epidemic over years, garlic also has gained popularity in killing almost every other microbe. The combination of garlic and herpes can bring an end to the sufferings of all the herpes patients. Do not hurry up and read the proper way to use garlic for herpes treatment.

Do you really know herpes?

Herpes of both the types is equally painful and embarrassing. According to scientific definition, the two types of herpes- oral herpes and genital herpes differ from each other in terms of site of infection and the virus causing it. But from the viewpoint of a herpes patient, herpes is herpes; it doesn’t matter if it is oral or genital. Scientifically, any of the two strands of virus- herpes simplex one or herpes simplex two can cause genital herpes and oral herpes is caused by herpes simplex type 1.

The herpes simplex virus 1 has the tendency of attacking the parts of your face. If you are infected with herpes simplex virus 1, you will more likely develop the cold sores on or near your lips and nose. Every time the virus becomes active, the sores will make your face ugly and you will not be able to hide them. Visible cold sores are more painful than any other symptom of herpes because they tell the entire world that you have herpes.

For those who think oral herpes is less painful than genital herpes, ask an oral herpes sufferer. He will tell you how much impossible it is to hide those sores that yell out loudly and tell the world that he has herpes. What can be more embarrassing than this? The sufferings of genital herpes patients are even more unbearable. They have some other issues. Yes, you have one great benefit that you can hide genital herpes sores under your cloths. But the same can have impact on the healing of sores.

The cloths you use to hide the herpes sores on your genitals can actually make the already suffering skin itchy and full of rashes. So, herpes means pain, itching, embarrassment and depression. And both types of herpes are equally harmful, unbearable and of course incurable.

Herpes is not just a viral infection; it is surely more than that. It is more than that for those who are suffering from herpes because the people who do not have herpes do not treat it as a disease. You also might be a believer of the fact that due to the society, herpes has become a terror among the sexually active people. This is just a mere excuse. First of all what is society? We are society. The society and circle reflects our own perspective.

overcoming herpes stigmaSecondly, whatever is the view point of the society; you can bring the changes in the entire world by simply changing yourself. So, the one who is at fault is you and me. The day you start disclosing about the infection with confidence will be the last day for the social stigma associated with herpes. Read more to know about how to deal with herpes in this situation.

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What type of treatment herpes patients need?

This is not all and of course you will need a treatment as well. Again the treatment for herpes is not as simple as it is for any other infection or disease. Why?  There are several reasons behind it. One of the reasons is that there is no complete cure for herpes and you have to choose among different treatment methods. These treatment methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, it becomes difficult to choose from a set when you know that all are temporary.

If you have herpes, antivirals are your best friends. They are the only source of relief for herpes sufferers. Or it would be more apt to say that you see antiviral as the only method of treating herpes. Those who are really smart are aware of natural treatments for herpes. And those who are seeking a way to treat herpes naturally are even smarter because it is better late than never.

Garlic For herpes patients

Coming back to the point from where we have started, garlic and herpes are the deadly combinations. The former is the real tool to fight with the later one. Garlic is the perfect cure for herpes.

Garlic is a miraculous herb that is amazingly beneficial for human race. The natural way of treating herpes is garlic and herpes patients must be aware of this fact. The changes garlic can do for your infection and betterment of your body cannot be achieved by any other mode of treatment. Can you guess for how long garlic has been used for medicinal and healing purposes? Garlic is the earliest documented plant that was used by mankind.

Garlic for herpesSince 1500 BC garlic has been used directly or indirectly on wounds, parasites and other abnormal growths. Not only for fighting with diseases but garlic has been an ingredient that can boost your energy levels and stamina in the Egyptian culture since ages. It was traditionally used in ancient cultures to reduce fatigue and enhance the work capacity of labors. Nowadays it is being used by many athletes. Apart from Egypt, other civilizations like Greek and Romans, who never came in contact with each other in the beginning, had the same conclusion about garlic.

The Chinese prescribed garlic for removing poison from their bodies and they also used it as preservative for foods. The stories and uses of garlic are never going to end but in short we can say that garlic is actually very beneficial and the use of this herb in the medicinal domain is not new. Hence we can safely and freely use garlic and herpes patients can also do the same.

Benefits of garlic in herpes

If you simply want to increase the disease fighting power of food, add taste to it without compromising with the health factor and also have nutrition while avoiding calories, just add garlic to your diet. By having garlic in any form you can elevate the energy levels and work regularly for more time. It should also be noted that fresh garlic is a potent antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agent.

Allicin is the major compound present in garlic which is responsible for most of the antibiotic properties exhibited by this small herb. It is allicin due to which garlic has been used in many health ailments including herpes. Garlic and herpes treatment both will become synonyms in a very short time. Because those who will use garlic for herpes, they will never ever use any other method. Let us see what are the benefits of garlic for herpes:

  • Pain reliever: Garlic has excellent pain relieving properties due to which I claim that garlic and herpes treatment are going to be one in future. Herpes symptoms are many, and the most common one is body pain and restlessness. Eating garlic in raw and natural form can alleviate pain and discomfort caused by the herpes simplex virus.
  • Immunity enhancer: No other medicine till date can cure herpes, but our very own immune system can. The herpes simplex virus becomes active only if the immune system is not strong enough. If your immunity is strong, the virus will reside in your body but will never have the guts to attack you. Regular consumption of garlic cloves is said to increase the immunity by manifolds. Immunity is the only reason behind many people not suffering from herpes outbreaks for years and you too can have the same level of immunity with garlic and herpes will be history for you.
  • Heals sores fast: The pain and immunity enhancing are internal issues, but the real pain and embarrassment is with the cold sores. Cold sores make your skin not only look ugly, but they also make it impossible for you to hide from the world that you have herpes. Pain is alright, but these cold sores and fluid filled blisters require immediate attention. With the topical application of garlic, you can anytime treat cold sores as well. Cold sores can be treated with garlic and herpes will no more be embarrassing for you.
  • Kills any bacterial growth: Cold sores create trouble for your skin every now and then; in addition to this you can also encounter secondary infection. Due to herpes infection you develop cold sores, and you cannot really control it, but you can control the secondary infection from occurring for sure. By maintaining cleanliness and using garlic for herpes, you can prevent any other kind of microbial growth on or around the cold sores.

 Why Garlic is the best for herpes treatment

You must be wondering why garlic and herpes treatment are paired together? I mean what is so special with garlic and herpes treatment? See, I will give you not one or two but many reasons for choosing garlic for herpes treatment over other products.

  • The first and foremost reason is that garlic is a natural herb. Yes, natural things are easily adapted by our bodies, and hence we should choose garlic over artificially synthesized medicines.
  • Garlic has been with us for centuries. Since its uses are known for ages now, we can trust this product for safety. It will not create much complication for your body and health even if you consume it in large amount until and unless you keep on eating it day and night.
  • Whether consumed in appropriate amount of dose or slightly higher dose, garlic has no side effects. This natural product will not create any kind of trouble for your body even when you eat it for years. In fact, the long you continue eating garlic, the better your health will be. And of course, you are improving your health by eating garlic and herpes is being treated side by side.
  • The cost of garlic is negligible when you compare it with anitvirals. With some amount you can literally buy huge amount of garlic and herpes medications will cost the same for just one outbreak.

Antiviral treatments are no doubt the easiest to use, but you cannot go with a unhealthy choice just because you find it easy and simple enough. If you want to know more about why one should never use antivirals for herpes, click here. Garlic comes next in the list of most easy herpes treatments. You can use garlic in more than one way, and it will not take much effort. You don’t have to prepare a tea, a solution, turn your head upside down, or anything else similar to that. Let us see how we would use garlic on herpes, cold sores etc. and hence, they will be treated.

How to use Garlic for herpes treatment?

There is more than one way by which garlic can benefit the herpes patients. One universal use of garlic is that every one should follow regardless of the infection state is eating raw garlic orally. You can do many favors to your body by eating garlic and herpes will also not bother you in future if you are infected. If you are not yet infected with herpes and you are still a regular eater of garlic, you have least chances of getting infected in future too.

What you need to do is: take 2-3 cloves of garlic and eat them raw once everyday. The taste will not be that good, but the health factor will definitely make you overlook the taste. You can do the same while you are having herpes outbreaks, and can continue the practice for preventing future outbreaks.

Those who are less health freaks and more taste hunters, for this class of people also I have one option. You can too get the benefits of garlic without compromising with your taste buds. You can add garlic to your food. Eating it cooked will definitely not be as profitable as it is eating raw, but gradually your body will develop a good immune system. The taste of your veggies will improve with garlic and herpes will also be treated slowly.

These two were generic ways of using garlic. Garlic can be used by any one for making his or her body better but for dealing with cold sores, you have to choose something different. Take raw garlic cloves, crush them to form a paste and apply this paste directly on the cold sores. It will burn, to be honest, the application will not at all be pleasant one, but the improvement you will see in the sores will make you forget about the burning sensation.

Garlic is extremely useful when it comes to treating herpes, as I said, garlic and herpes is the perfect combination. Apart from this garlic is very beneficial from the viewpoint of maintaining a healthy body. You can enhance your overall health with regular consumption of garlic. Forget about herpes, no other disease will bother you in future if you use garlic.

Garlic is undoubtedly a really beneficial home remedy for herpes. But, there are some other home remedies also apart from it. Click here to know about some more home remedies for herpes treatment.

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