Applying Cornstarch On Cold Sores – Is It Helpful In Curing Herpes?

cornstarch for cold sores

Cornstarch on Cold Sores – Is It Efficient in Dealing with Herpes Outbreaks?

While searching for a way towards a herpes free life, I found a product that every herpes patient must be aware of- cornstarch. Have you ever felt sick of the fluid oozing out from the blisters or cold sores? If you are a herpes patient, I am sure you might have gone through the situation at some point in your life. If it is on the genitals, even cotton cloths irritate you very much, and in case the cold sores are on face the embarrassment can make you abstain from work for more than just a few days. I can understand it very well because I too am a herpes patient. I have experienced this many times, in fact more than any other herpes patient I know.

I had herpes outbreaks once every month and now it has been almost an year since I had my last outbreak. Yes, almost once every month I had to go through those tough times. One out of four weeks I had to be at home with all doors locked. It was like living in prison for about a week without doing any crime. What could be worse than this? My work suffered, I lost my girlfriend, and was living in darkness from the day I was diagnosed with herpes. One fine day, I decided that I have had enough of it, and life won’t go this way. And that very day the journey of searching a way to get rid of herpes started.

I will not take much time by telling you every bit of what I did in the next six months, but yes, I would love to tell you the results. I had my last outbreak exactly six months back. Although what I did was very complex and you need a lot of determination to achieve a herpes outbreak free life, I am sure your condition is much better than what was mine. Apart from raising my immunity by natural supplements, quitting smoking to reduce herpes outbreaks, and the most difficult step- staying happy and stress-free, I used not one or two but many products for herpes. Out of all those, only a few had the effectiveness of actually healing the cold sores and delaying the herpes outbreaks, and cornstarch was one of them.

Cornstarch on cold sores acts like a magical wound. Yes, the simple, easily available natural product and moreover cornstarch has the ability to cure cold sores. It will take away all the pain, discomfort, and fluid away from the cold sores. Cornstarch is still my favorite tool to fight with cold sores and hence I have the powder in my kitchen even today. Yes, I did not have any outbreaks for the past six months, but what I learned with time is to be prepared as herpes never makes an announcement before hitting you.

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Why only cornstarch for cold sores?

Any morning you might wake up with those ugly sores on your face, or while having bath you may observe the blisters forming near your thighs. So, it is better to be well equipped with the tools, because the fight can begin anytime. Today, on the day I had my last outbreaks just six months ago, I will tell you that tool that helped me the most. Cornstarch on cold sores is the most amazing tool that you can get. After searching the internet, reading many books on herpes and after referring many sources for natural remedies for herpes outbreaks, I have found this pearl. It deserves more attention in the world full of herpes patients.

Cornstarch is also known by many other names like cornflour or maze starch. Cornstarch is a very fine powder which is made up by crushing the corn or maize seeds. Cornstarch was discovered by Thomas Kingsford in 1840s. For many years after the discovery, the uses of cornstarch were limited to industrial applications only. Later on, the uses of cornstarch in kitchen were introduced.

What are the effects of applying cornstarch on cold sores?

The soft and fine powder is actually not a good source of vitamins and minerals, but that doesn’t make it harmful and it has many other benefits. Specifically talking about herpes, cornstarch has recently become famous for herpes treatment. Cornstarch on cold sores acts like a powder that takes all your odds away. In a short while, you will be clear about why and how much beneficial it will be to sprinkle cornstarch on cold sores.

Cold sores are not exactly rashes or pimples, but they are a group of small fluid-filled blisters breaking out of the skin near your nose and lips. These are the two most probable locations, but you can get them anywhere on your body. Cold sores are not a temporary infection that goes away on its own but it is something more serious than this- they can be due to herpes. Cold sores can even occur at very unusual places like gums or tongue.

cold sores symptomsLinking cold sores to herpes is not very uncommon. In fact it can be seen that in most of the cases cold sores turn out to be herpes only. But which type of herpes? It is a common belief that sore near lips and mouth are caused by the virus we call HSV-1. But now it has been seen the same can also be caused on being infected by the other type of the same virus. This one is called HSV-2 and in 90% of the cases it is responsible for genital herpes. Wherever are the cold sores breaking out on your skin, sprinkling cornstarch on cold sores is the ultimate solution for all your problems. It is my advice to all the herpes patients to keep the cornstarch powder ready at home and use it whenever herpes outbreak disturbs you.

Benefits of applying Cornstarch on Cold Sores

Cornstarch is a very common product, easily available, and inexpensive product. You can use cornstarch on cold sores right from the day you feel that your skin is breaking out. Cornstarch absorbs excess of moisture from the fluid-filled blisters. Since it is a powder, in fact, a very finely grained powder, nothing can beat it when it comes to drying the cold sores.

When you apply cornstarch on cold sores, you will not only get rid of cold sores soon, but you will also feel quick relief in itching, burning sensation and irritations, which are very common when the cold sores are full of fluid. The best part about using cornstarch is that since it is natural, and also a component of many food items, you can apply it anywhere. When you have cold sores on the gums, or in the inner part of the mouth, you cannot go for ointments as they smoothly slip into your food pipe. With cornstarch, you don’t have to worry about the location of cold sores and just have to apply cornstarch on cold sores, no matter where they are on your body.

Even if you end up eating some cornstarch powder, it will only be beneficial for you. There is no such ointment or medicine which boosts your energy while treating the cold sores. All the antiviral medications you use for herpes and cold sores are full of side effects and these side effects can hamper your health temporarily or even permanently. The intensity and duration of side effects depends on the level of dependency on antiviral medications. But, there is no medicine on this earth which is totally free from side effects. If you want to know more about the side-effects of medication for herpes patients, click here. It is hence better to rely on products like cornstarch for cold sores treatment. Let us see how we can use cornstarch on cold sores.

How to use cornstarch on cold sores?

All you need to do in order to gain the benefits from the powder is to simply apply cornstarch on cold sores. But this application has to be done with the help of a cotton ball and not directly with your hands. Being a powder, cornstarch is a great drying agent and we need to use it properly in order to gain maximum benefits from it.

Take a cotton ball, and dip it in the cornstarch. Rub this cotton with cornstarch on cold sores. Right after this, discard the cotton ball, I mean throw it in the dustbin. Do not apply the same cotton to other sores, and also never ever use the same cotton to take out cornstarch from the jar. If you do either of the things, you will end up increasing the infection.  Let the cornstarch on cold sores dry out and do not wash.

Cornstarch for herpesYou can apply cornstarch on cold sores twice every day to get relief soon. You know how much important it is to keep the sores dry during a herpes outbreak. If you are able to keep the cold sores dry, you will be able to prevent secondary infection, itching, and also will enable faster healing of the blisters and cold sores. Applying cornstarch on cold sores can help you achieve all these discomforts and you can actually get rid of cold sores really fast. This is why I have been telling you since the beginning that cornstarch on cold sores is really magical.

Other uses of cornstarch

Those who want to gain weight can use cornstarch as it adds more and more calories to your food. In addition to this, it is a great source of energy. With one tablespoon of cornstarch, you can boost energy. Although in very small amounts, cornstarch also contains some essential minerals like phosphorus, zinc, iron, calcium and potassium.

Possible side effects of cornstarch on cold sores

Cornstarch on cold sores rarely causes any complications. It is one of the safest methods one can use to treat cold sores and blisters. The chances of minor complications can be there when you decide to eat some amount of cornstarch. Eating cornstarch can cause weight gain, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, cancer, anemia and even diabetes. It is beneficial for those who are low in weight and energy both.

Some other tools for fighting herpes and cold sores

home remedies for cold soresApart from using cornstarch on herpes, you can also do some other favors for your skin and make attempts to make it normal soon. These attempts are as important as the mainstream medication is because they really enhance healing. You have to keep the cold sores clean and dry in order to prevent the secondary infection. Have bath in warm water and wash the sores properly. Apart from all this, do not touch the sores other than applying cornstarch on cold sores because this will also lead to secondary infections. With these tips for cold sores treatment and application of cornstarch on cold sores, you can actually make your situation much better.

Cornstarch on cold sores works wonders and there is no doubt about it. But there are some other remedies too that can help you both in cold sores as well as herpes. Cornstarch is the best one, but in case you are allergic to corn, you can use any of the herbs like- lysine, Echinacea, coconut oil, olive oil, domeboro powder, baking powder or aloe vera. All of these natural products are side effect free and are very low in cost also. Read more to learn details about the other natural home remedies for herpes.

With so many benefits and no side effect, do you think cornstarch is an arguable natural treatment for cold sores? To treat herpes and cold sores, you can do something more than just waiting for the permanent cure to come out of the box all of a sudden. It would take many more years for the permanent cure of herpes to become available for public use even if the scientists find it today. Till then you have to learn how to deal with the cold sores. Cornstarch on cold sores is the perfect combination you need to get rid of all the symptoms of cold sores instantly, and to eliminate cold sores form your skin really soon. Do you still need proof for the effectiveness of cornstarch? Decide it yourself and change the way you deal with cold sores to improve your skin and health condition.

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