Tea Tree Oil Benefits For Herpes- Can Tea Tree Oil Help To Cure Herpes

Is the way we go always right, say whatever the field is? No, not always. That is what we do when we are on the way to follow some treatment option for a disease. We prefer going for the easy dosage of the antivirals, topical creams and syrups, just because they are easy to be taken and we don’t require making any effort, isn’t it? Not actually surprising because here also we follow our lazy attitude. True, the natural cure demands effort and but, they are at least side-effect free.

Sometimes, shortcuts can gift long term consequences on your health. Same happens in the case of herpes. We tend to follow the doctor’s prescribed antivirals even after knowing that they are going to push you to hell. They will gift you a variety of side-effects demanding more colorful antivirals, hence, filling the pockets of pharmaceuticals. What do you get? Nothing more than suppression of herpes outbreaks till the very date you keep taking doses on time and a long list of side-effects, aren’t you?

Start Believing Nature! Antivirals are Killing you…….

It’s now time for you to start believing on natural products. If not possible to trust completely, at least give a try. Here we are with one of the most effective natural remedies for herpes, that will neither suppress your outbreaks nor will gift you any side-effect. This magical natural ingredient is tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil can treat every skin Problem

If you are a long time herpes sufferer and fed up of the long term intake of antivirals; now following natural remedies since days or months, you must be aware of this wonderful medicinal plant – “Tea tree”. What people say tea tree oil is actually derived from this magical plant. Till the very date of it getting recognized as a cure for herpes, I had been mainly used topically to treat various skin problems like acne, fungal infections of nails, lice, scabies, cuts, insect bites, boils, vaginal infections etc. Here you can easily recognize the fact that apart from herpes, tea tree oil has already a lot to gift us. None requires any extra sense to realize that tea tree oil can surely treat any skin disease of yours. Now, let’s see what it can do for herpes. But before that you need to understand about the disease. Remember, no treatment can cure the disease until and unless you understand whatever goes on into your body.

Know and Understand your Disease…..!!!

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by herpes simplex virus. This virus can easily manage to enter the human body and lives there permanently once it is into us. At first the name virus itself is scary enough as we know that it is impossible to kill every trace of herpes simplex virus. Above that there is social rejection of this disease and its patients due to its ease of transmission. These factors have altogether contributed to creating myths about herpes.

More than twenty two percent of adult Americans from all backgrounds, age and gender have Herpes simplex virus -2. Like Herpes simplex virus type 1, type 2 is usually mild, so mild that two- thirds of infected people don’t even know they have it. HSV-2 rarely causes complications or spreads to other parts of the body. Herpes is not life threatening its just painful and inconvenient at times. HSV generally remains dormant. Many people never have symptoms even though they are carrying the virus. The symptoms, if they occur, are primary infection symptoms and recurrent infection symptoms. Primary infection symptoms, occurring when the person is initially infected, are usually more severe than succeeding recurrences. The common symptoms may last till 20 days and include not feeling well, fever, blisters and ulceration on the cervix, pain while urinating and vaginal discharge, cold sores around the mouth and as blisters on the genitals.  Subsequent infections tend to be less severe and do not last as long as primary one, because the patient’s body has built up some immunity to the virus. But, what is the cure for it?


You do not need expensive creams to treat cold sores and herpes if you know what tea tree oil can do for you. If you are a fellow sufferer then you must be very well aware of how annoying it is to get herpes outbreaks every now and then. As I was once among the list of herpes sufferers, I can surely understand what it feels being a victim of a disease affecting so much both physically and mentally. Let me tell you how I got my herpes treated. I am sure, after reading this, you’ll also like to try tea tree oil for herpes outbreaks at least once. This is the only reason I am putting my story over here.

I found the first outbreak near my lips, one evening when I was about to go to some get together. That day became like hell to me. I was unable to find how and from where I got that outbreak, and over that, the extreme pain can’t be even explained. I was fed up with the all of a sudden outbreak and the impossible to hide cold sores that literally yelled out and told everybody that I have herpes. Of course, I had to consult some doctor like everyone. When I went to doctor to confirm about whatever was going on with me, I was returned back to home with a long prescription of antivirals. I was still okay with those medicines and started taking doses after doses hoping to get well soon. But, after sometime, I realized that I was getting weaker with every passing day. I did some internet searches about every medicine and found some side-effects of each one of them that were resembling to mine. I decided not to take any more dosage of it, but now, the question was, what next. Then I heard about using tea tree oil for herpes issue to be applied on the cold sores instead of creams that were not at all good for skin. After reading a lot about it, I finally decided to give it a chance. After using it I was regretting and cursing myself. Not for using it but actually for not using it before. For such a long time I was dependent on antivirals for treating herpes outbreak and cold sores which resulted with a variety of side-effects, but the results of tea tree oil were surprising. Why the hell was I wasting time and money in such harmful products when I could deal with it naturally? What happened next is not a thing to be mentioned in words. I can just say that it was amazing.

I was not having any intention to tell anyone about my story. But, I know, there are people who are still following the same medications with a hope to get treated. This story is for all those who are still relying on medications for dealing with symptoms of herpes. I’ll suggest you guys to wake up, open your eyes and see the reality. It is high time you back out and give your body a natural retreat as natural herpes cure is the new trend in the field of herpes.

Tea tree oil for herpes cure

The next question in your mind will be now related to tea tree oil benefits – “How beneficial tea tree oil for herpes can be?“, right? Tea tree oil is one of the best effective remedies providing great natural cure for herpes. The benefits of tea tree oil for herpes cure are huge in number. It is a very powerful antiseptic, and is used to treat many health ailments. Using tea tree oil can reduce the first stage of a cold sore from two or three days to 12 – 24 hours, especially if you treat it quickly. It is important to act as soon as you see the first signal of the cold sore appearing. If you can successfully figure out that it is going to be a cold sore only (if you are a long time sufferer then it is not that difficult to assess the beginning of an outbreak) more than half of the treatment is done. You will have to do least efforts if you start early. Be attentive and never ignore minor symptoms, rest tea tree oil will take care of everything else.

Applying tea tree oil for herpes cure can sting a little bit and it’s not something you want to be licking, but it’s one of the most effective remedies I’ve ever used (including Zovirax) for reducing the duration of a cold sores, and other herpes symptoms. I find it reasonable to bear that peculiar oil smell rather than exposing my body to unavoidable side effects. And once you start using it regularly you will not feel it that much odd. I have been using tea tree oil for herpes treatment since about an year, and the smell not at all bothers me now. You will also forget about the odor once you notice relief and you realize that it will save you from the antivirals and creams loaded with side effects. Just before the cold sores appear you will definitely experience something odd, all the herpes patients can relate to it very well. That feeling of “not again” also minimizes when you know that with the help of tea tree oil you will really kill it even before it becomes clearly visible. This means your work will be done just before the outside world starts staring at you to guess whether it is herpes or something else. Isn’t it a hilarious thing?

The help of tea tree oil for herpes patients is actually a really big thing as it is the social stigma about herpes and not the virus that is killing them internally. This is the least talked about infection which is still not accepted as only a viral infection. Your very own friends will start repelling from talking to you once they are sure about you being infected from herpes simplex. This fear of rejection leads to anxiety and stress. The stress and mental instability acts as a spark that ignites another outbreak soon. This cycle continues for years and you feel like you have done a sin because of which you got it. Herpes does not bother us physically as much as it breaks us emotionally. The virus targets our cells, but we and our society makes herpes affect our mind even more than that. There’s no need to feel ashamed because of your herpes! Millions and millions of people all around the world have the same problem. Many of them don’t even know they have it. You are lucky that you at least know that you actually have it and once you know you are infected, it would be easy to manage it.


Tea tree oil became my favorite because it is the only tool that stops the growth of cold sores at stage one itself. They will not be noticed by anyone and you don’t have to abstain from work for weeks. Antivirals lag behind in every case from tea tree oil for herpes cure,especially. They come into the picture when the virus has done much of the damage. Everybody around you would notice the prominent sore if at all you dare to go out. Tea tree oil not only kills the bacteria that may grow on the site of infection, but also reduces itching and redness. Itching itself can make things worst for you. Itching will take the infection deeper into the skin, you will have infection on other parts of body as virus would easily propagate through your nails, and at last it can make the existing infection develop bacterial infection as well. You can easily avail all these benefits provide you use the tea tree oil for herpes cure in a proper manner.

Herpes is not incurable. Watch this video presentation about natural cure for herpes. 

Things you should never do..!!!!!

Tea tree oil can undoubtedly treat the menace, but, there are some steps you require following to keep yourself safe. Make sure the first thing you do is not to directly apply the tea tree oil on the infected area. First of all wash your hands to clean them with soap and water. Use a towel to dry them out thoroughly, this is necessary to keep the infection restricted to the occurrence site only and not to let it move to other places. Take a cotton swab and drip a few drops of the oil from the bottle. Generally you will find an eye dropper with the bottle; you can use that to pull out a few drops from the bottle. Gently apply the tea tree oil to sores. If this is your first time using tea tree oil, apply it to just one sore and wait a few minutes to determine whether you experience skin irritation before applying it to the rest of the sores. If you clean every sore with tea tree oil at once and then find out that you are allergic to it, imagine what would be your situation.

In most of the cases it does not create any irritation, rather it pacifies one created by the virus, but still to be double sure you should try it on small portion first. You can also use it in diluted form if you want a trial experience. Use any oil commonly available at home to dilute the solution, such as coconut oil or olive oil. Discard the swab after finishing and once again wash your hands properly. You can repeat the same procedure two to four times in a day to accelerate the process of healing. But do make sure you wash hands twice, before applying the oil and after completing the process. I am not alone who has drawn benefit from the tea tree oil but there are many others like me.

Tea tree oil for herpes cure is one of the best home remedies for herpes, actually, the best natural answer that we can give to our sores. A lot of people report success with this method for treating and preventing outbreaks and lowering the number of herpes outbreaks they experience. It appears to be the most popular natural remedy used for herpes. In short we can say that tea tree oil helps in curing herpes. It is inexpensive and can treat herpes very well as tested by many people. If applied at the first signs of an outbreak, it is even possible to prevent the outbreak. Because it is a natural product, it is generally safe, effective and without any negative effects.

Now, its up to you whether you want your sores to get treated or not. Natural products have many benefits to gift you which is far better than the side effects gifted by antivirals. “Tea tree oil for herpes outbreak”- it is just a pinch mark benefit of tea tree oil. It is not only a natural cure for herpes but for many other diseases. But, as we are discussing only about herpes, we have given you the best possible answer.

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