Herpes Cure – How to Treat Herpes With Oregano Oil

Oregano oil for herpes

How Effectively can Oregano Oil Cure Herpes?

If you have a dream of living a herpes free life, the oregano oil is the key to turn that dream into reality. Oregano oil is that home remedy for herpes which can catch the virus, take it out from where it is hidden inside your body and kill the worst nightmare for once and for all. This natural cure for herpes has all the properties required for treating herpes and eliminating herpes simplex virus from your body. Oregano oil is different from all other alternatives available for herpes treatment because they are temporary pain relievers and cannot reach the virus. How oregano oil for herpes treatment work as an effective remedy to treat the malady?

What is oregano oil and what makes it a solution for herpes?

Oregano oil for herpesOregano oil is the oil extracted from the leaves of oregano, a plant native to Europe, small, bushy but hard perennial herb. Oregano oil has been used for ages now due to its excellent therapeutic properties. With more than 40 species belonging to this class, for medicinal uses the most beneficial is Origanum Vulgare. In ancient times it was considered as a symbol of happiness and today it is a medium of healthiness.

Dried flowers and leaves are harvested at the time when the oil content in them is at its peak and then they are distilled and you get a dark yellow extract with a very strong and spicy odor. This is the process of extraction of oregano oil and now we should see what the actual contents of oregano oil are which make it a medicinal oil. Oregano oil for herpes treatment contains thymol, the substance responsible for soothing the soft tissues of throat and muscles. It contains antioxidants in amount equivalent to that in Vitamin C. The leaves of the plant contain a variety of antioxidant compounds, such as Rosmarinic Acid making it a healthy choice.

Also oregano oil is antibacterial in nature making it suitable for infections resulting from bacteria. One more important capability of oregano oil for which it is still used is its immunity enhancing properties. For those who do not have any disease oregano oil provides more power to fight any kind of infection, hence used oregano oil for herpes. Be it due to any reason, oregano oil can reduce inflammation both internally and externally. Out of bacteria, fungus, virus and protozoa, fungus is the one which is most dangerous as it can cause infection internally as well as externally.

The anti-fungal nature of oregano oil makes it protect your body against many fungal infections provided you take the oil into your body in some form. Specifically talking about herpes, the antiviral properties of oregano oil are what make it a suitable natural herpes cure. Oregano oil is of great help when it comes to giving relief in pain and itching during outbreaks. It also has a property to accelerate the healing process and prevent the infection from spreading at other places. Apart from protecting your body from common viral infections like measles, cough and cold, pox etc, oregano oil can help you deal with the dangerous class like herpes simplex too. Read more to know about oregano oil for herpes. Can oregano oil cure herpes or not?

How oregano oil for herpes patients works? How can it eliminate the virus from your body?

Can oregano oil cure herpes? This question is really “a hot potato”today. Herpes is different from all other infections as the herpes simplex virus has continued to be unbeatable for decades now. Thousands of researchers all around the world and millions of dollars, none of them has proved to be successful in finding the herpes cure that can help you get rid of the nasty virus. If you trust medicines, once the virus manages to enter into your body, you will be the host forever. But oregano oil for herpes treatment is something that can save you from vicious cycle of outbreaks followed by doctor prescription. One study examined the relationship between oregano oil and harmful organisms and found that taking 600 mg of oregano oil daily prompted a complete disappearance of harmful organisms in the body. It is an attractive and appealing offer for herpes patients sitting with a pill in hand right now. Replace it with oregano oil supplement and get permanent relief instead of temporary suppressive effects of drugs. But how is oregano oil for herpes treatment helpful? Oregano oil completes its work in two stages. In stage one, a compound called Carvacol takes the charge and destroys the cell membrane. It helps fighting the herpes virus because it attacks the protective cell membranes bacteria hide behind. The protective cell membrane of the bacteria usually makes the bacteria impermeable to antibiotics. This is why antibiotics have a little use in curing herpes infection. Not only does oil of oregano help break down the cell membrane, it delivers natural and powerful antibiotics as soon as the cell membrane is dissolved and the bacteria are vulnerable. This is the second step of action that completes the destruction of herpes simplex virus. The herpes virus is impossible to treat because it has a unique property of hiding into the nerve cells. This tendency makes it invisible to human immune system and hence it let it stay inside forever. But oregano oil for herpes treatment can break the cell membrane that protects herpes simplex virus lifetime. Once this shield is gone it is really easy to get rid of the nasty virus. This process makes oregano oil different from all the other temporary treatments and also this mechanism of action makes oregano oil for herpes treatment capable of killing the virus.

Different ways you can use oregano oil to cure herpes

The healthcare system is structured in such a way that natural remedies like oregano oil are now widely perceived as inferior or something that people use when they cannot afford modern medicine. Read more to know how viciously medications for herpes affect your body. But the truth is that natural herpes cure or remedy for herpes outbreak in the form of oregano oil is much more effective than conventional medicines. People used it since the starting of the time and could easily manage the symptoms of herpes as well as many other diseases. Oregano oil contains anti viral, anti bacterial as well as anti-fungal properties. Whatever way you use oregano oil for herpes treatment, it will be beneficial for you. It depends on your preference and the exact type of outbreak you are suffering from. One common usage that all herpes patients must follow is applying the oil in the bottom portion of your spine. Dilute oregano oil with water or virgin coconut oil to make the burning sensation of oregano oil come down. You can dilute it as per your convenience; but the stronger you keep it, more effective it will be. You can start with a mild mixture and gradually decrease the amount of diluter to avoid any allergy or complications. Once you have prepared the mixture, apply that on the lower portion of your spine twice daily. You can practice this massage in the morning before having bath and at night before you go to bed. Avoid over diluting and also do not keep it so strong that it literally burns the skin. In case of oral herpes holding the mixture under the tongue for about 10 minutes can reduce the cold sores in mouth. You can repeat the process several times a day in case you presently are going through an outbreak. The third way you can use oregano oil for herpes treatment is in topical form. Wherever the cold sores are on your body, the mixture of oregano oil and coconut oil is the best treat to your burning and itching skin. If you think of drinking the extract, make sure you dilute it more than the topical mixture. You can also combine two ways to enhance the healing. Using it in more than just one manner increases the chances of killing the virus by many folds.

What are the benefits of using oregano oil for herpes over other treatment methods?

benefit of oregano oilFor years herpes patients relied on conventional medicines without realizing the drastic harmful effects of these antivirals. It is not hard to find someone who blindly takes a pill everyday just to avoid the future outbreak. But after taking into account the side effects conventional medicines have nobody on this planet would make such a big mistake once again. Oregano oil is beneficial for herpes patients as it does not have any adverse effects on your health. One more benefit is the ease with which you can use oregano oil for herpes cure. You just have to walk a few steps towards your kitchen and open the cabinet. Not as difficult as fixing an appointment with your doctor, taking leave from office and traveling kilometers to get a treatment, that too temporary. Apart from killing the invaders that somehow manage to enter human body, oregano oil is also loaded with vital nutrients like magnesium and zinc and vitamins C and E. Do you know why all these are necessary for human body? If you know the role of a correct diet for herpes patients, you must be aware of all these. And if you are not, you should start working on your diet today itself. In addition to this increased immunity and an overall healthier state of being can easily be achieved with continued use of oregano oil. Last but not the least; you can get a permanent solution for the problem named herpes only by using oregano oil for herpes treatment. All other sources of treatment are temporary masks that deal with the symptoms but oregano oil directly deals with the herpes simplex virus.

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It is high time we stop using conventional medicines and try to treat herpes with the help of oregano oil because it is more effective than mainstream medications and also do not have any adverse effects. Oregano oil for herpes cure is the perfect solution for herpes that has already changed the lives of many herpes patients for the better and slowly will reach to every herpes patients. Its amazing healing capabilities and powerful immunity enhancing effect would make it the most preferred tool to cure herpes in future. Start using it immediately and follow the routine religiously for a few days if you really want to get rid of the virus and detoxify your body. Why keep this trouble into you forever when you have oregano oil herpes cure with you?

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