Have Researchers got some vaccine for Herpes?

vaccination for herpes

Herpes Cure Breakthrough – Have Researchers got some vaccination for Herpes Virus?

One breakthrough in the field of herpes cure- all what was needed to make the world herpes free has become a reality now. Recent developments in the researches and successful outcomes have made it possible to cure herpes up to certain extent. Earlier we had only one favor for herpes patients- medication for herpes. These antivirals were the only helping aid during herpes outbreak. For these also every herpes patient had to pay a high cost not only in terms of money but in terms of bearing the side effects on their overall health. Money part was totally bearable but the later one is impossible to pay for. Instead of curing herpes, there was an exchange offer going on between herpes symptoms and other temporary as well as permanent ill effects. Buying an antiviral was like getting rid of painful herpes symptoms at the cost of inviting some other dangers to your health. Do you think this is the way herpes cure should be? But due to lack of awareness and shortage of treatment options, all the herpes patients were happily exchanging there herpes symptoms during outbreak with some serious problems like dizziness, fatigue, kidney problems and depression. With the much awaited breakthrough in the domain of herpes cure, no one will ever have to bear those unwanted side effects. You will pay for herpes cure from now onwards, and not for those permanent health hampering antivirals with the help of herpes cure breakthrough. Read more to get details about the numerous side-effects of these over the counter medications for herpes.

Why are we forced to depend on medication for herpes?

Medication for HerpesWe totally understand why at all you were so much dependent on herpes antivirals. The infection creates such a nuisance in your life that your world suddenly turns upside down. It is a threat for your years of long relationship and creates a terror in your mind that does not let you forget even for a second that you are infected until you are aware of the herpes cure breakthrough. Even if we leave the feeling of guilt, self blame and curse behind, the fear of transmitting it to your loved ones is something impossible to avoid. All these factors are mental and the physical discomfort that a herpes patient goes through is still to be counted in order to access the pathetic condition of any herpes patient. Herpes virus may live into your body for years without displaying any noticeable physical symptoms. And if you are unlucky you will have a nice attack with which it will be announced that you have got the virus into you. The symptoms of herpes infection may be so mild that you don’t get a hint what it is, or they may be severe enough to drive you to the doctor immediately. It depends more on luck and less on any of the half explained scientific facts I believe. Once the virus enters into your body, most probably you will see the effect in a week or latest by three weeks, but, herpes cure breakthrough about the new cure, i.e. herpes cure 2017, can prevent you both from the virus and its effects. This will be your first attack, and trust me the worst one also. By this time you must have experienced why people are afraid of being infected with herpes simplex virus. Although the subsequent outbreaks will be milder, the frequency of outbreaks will again depend on your immunity and mental state.

For all those who hardly get any outbreaks, it is not that difficult to stay away from medicines but for that class the threat of transmission makes them eat those harmful chemicals. With the groundbreaking herpes cure breakthrough in the field of research for herpes cure, this class can relax forever. For others the outbreaks themselves create a great deal of trouble and to make life easier during outbreaks they are compelled to take antivirals. Some of the herpes patients develop painful and oozing cold sores for which they have to buy an ointment and medicines. For others things may become serious with high fever, vomiting, nausea, fatigue and what not. Food will no more be easy to eat as there will be pain while swallowing. Due to continuous pain in throat and mouth, you will find difficulty in eating anything. But leaving food is another biggest mistake I did. It will make your body weaker, and you will have more frequent outbreaks once you do not have enough power to keep the virus dormant.

Symptoms vary greatly from person to person but with herpes simplex 1 or oral herpes you will have some problems with your gums, lips, mouth or throat if at all you have outbreaks. After these problems will come the most difficult part of the herpes outbreak, from which the herpes cure breakthrough can prevent you. The blisters or cold sores will turn into red spots that break open and leak. Or you may have small blisters filled with clear yellowish fluid that does not leak, but will be painful to bear. If you have developed several smaller blisters, they may grow together into a large blister impossible to get rid of. As days will pass by they will start disappearing, but before that they create the real nuisance and pain. To deal with these symptoms one was forced to look towards medicines. All of you have spent dollars buying those medicines which are expensive, full of side effects and ineffective in treating the infection permanently. But with the herpes cure breakthrough in herpes related researches, you no more will have to torture your body with antivirals every now and then. You will not have to rush to the doctor again and again for the same prescription whenever you see the onset of a new outbreak. And over and above all this the breakthrough has something great in store for all those living in a worry of transmitting the virus to their non infected partners. Read more to get further details about how herpes cure breakthrough can be helpful to you in dealing with herpes.

Facts About Herpes Cure Breakthrough

vaccination for herpesThe base of this herpes cure breakthrough was laid years ago and now it has come out as a more effective version of the previously developed herpes cure. Under genital herpes vaccine research – scientists from the Louis University Center for Vaccine Development reported in NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) that an investigational vaccine protected some females against HSV-1, one of two viruses that cause genital herpes. One more development was in the form of another vaccination for herpes that was capable of dealing with the other type of herpes infection, but only partially. We were partially successful against half of the equation – protecting women from genital disease caused by HSV-1. It was a big step along the path to creating an effective vaccine- what we are referring to the present herpes cure breakthrough that protects against genital disease caused by herpes infection. All this was till now limited to laboratory testes only and then came the most important vaccine- G – 003. G – 003 was actually the most effective vaccine till 2016 and with a major breakthrough we have managed to find something even more powerful and amazing.

This breakthrough is considered to be a big event for herpes patients as it can control both types of herpes infections. And the power of this breakthrough- the new rational vaccine can be accessed by the fact that it is 100 time more effective than GEN – 003. The key difference between the new Rational Vaccines’ technology and previous herpes vaccines, something that has made this breakthrough a huge achievement is antigenic breadth. Antigenic breadth in scientific terms is resemblance of the vaccine with the outer coating of the virus. The more is the resemblance, the better the chances of eliciting a robust immune response. This way we can access and analyze what kind of breakthrough it is and how much it will be beneficial for us. This is something that has never ever happened before in history and hence has grabbed the attention of all the herpes patients sitting in all the corners of the world praying for this kind of herpes cure breakthrough to happen.

Not only it is effective in controlling the symptoms, but it also has the capabilities to prevent transmission due to shedding. If you are a herpes patient for quite long time, you might know that the time right before the outbreak and immediately after the outbreak is the most probable time for transmission. Even if you did not have an outbreak throughout your life, but are carrying the virus, you may be a potential transmitter. It may the case you never had symptoms or it may be the scene that you had them so mild that you don’t know you actually had an outbreak. Anyways, the key to note is that you may transfer the virus silently into your partner’s body. This is one major reason behind the virus spreading in the world at such a high speed.

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The herpes simplex virus will travel to another carrier either when you do not have an idea that you will have an outbreak shortly, or when you relax thinking it is all over now. These are the two most vulnerable time and no matter how much attentive and precautious you stay during the outbreaks, these two times can ruin all the efforts. Some of the times you can become a transmitter even when there are no signs and symptoms of an outbreak. Although the chances are very less, you can transmit the virus without yourself going through an outbreak. Due to this, controlling the transmission is as important as controlling the symptoms. This herpes cure breakthrough can reduce the chances of transmission by almost half. Isn’t it a great achievement? Surely this is not the 100% defeat but it is just the beginning and we can hope for a permanent cure for herpes through vaccines to come out soon. This may not be exactly what you people want, but don’t you think with this breakthrough you will be able to live a stress free life if not herpes free life? If you are a herpes patient, this indeed is the best news you can get at this point of time.

If you have been a long-time sufferer of herpes, the herpes cure breakthrough is no less than a miracle for you.

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