phyllanthus niruri herpes

Phyllanthus Niruri For Herpes – Cure The Symptoms of Herpes With Phyllanthus Niruri

Phyllanthus Niruri For Herpes – Can This Herbal Plant Cure Herpes? Phyllanthus Niruri is a herbal plant that is in the minds of millions of herpes sufferers these days because of many scientific reports and news claiming that this herb contains everything to become a cure for herpes. What do you think about it? Can phyllanthus niruri cure herpes? Or is it just a myth like many others being circulated over the internet? Answering it right now might be difficult for you because if you don’t try the remedy just because you have assumed that it will not work, you might miss a chance to get the key to a herpes free life, and in case you rely on anything and everything, it may be harmful for your body. So, before making your mind on anything that is related to herpes, you have to be extra cautious and careful. We will tell you everything about Phyllanthus Niruri for herpes, the role of Phyllanthus Niruri in herpes, and every other minor and major aspect about the working of the herb in this article. Phyllanthus Niruri is a herb that has been used in past due to its amazing benefits for liver […]

rosemary essential oil for herpes

Rosemary Essential Oil For Herpes – Cure Herpes With Rosemary Essential Oil

How Can Rosemary Essential Oil for Herpes be a Way to Get Rid of Herpes Symptoms? Treating herpes is one challenge and helping people cope up with the stress and depression it causes is another. Herpes is the biggest killer of self esteem in the present decade and it held the same position in past few decades as well. Still everyone is eager to get the cure for just physical symptoms. All the researchers and doctors are concerned about finding the cure that can eliminate the traces of the herpes simplex virus from human body and no one really cares about the urgent need of a mental and emotional stability that every herpes patient needs. This is completely true but this also is a fact that the burden on the brains of herpes patients is due to the fact that herpes has no cure. Do you also think herpes has no cure? If the answer is a yes, have you ever tried anything other than medicines? Medicines are made not to kill the herpes simplex virus, in fact they are only capable of masking the symptoms of herpes temporarily. Then how can one expect them to help you get rid […]

black seed oil for herpes

Can Black Seed Oil Cure Herpes ?

Can Black Seed Oil Cure Herpes and Prove its Name “Panacea” ? We call them black seeds, black caraway or black cumin, but in Latin history those small seeds were called as panacea, something that can cure each and everything. But does the word “each” includes herpes as well?  From Hippocrates and Cleopatra, to King Tut and the civilizations that followed, a strange commonality they shared was the use of black seed oil. More than 650 concrete studies have been conducted on the benefits of black seed and if we combine the outputs of all the studies, we will get a long list of almost 20 medicinal benefits. And some of those 20 pharmacological benefits can not be found in any medicine. This makes black seeds, and also black seed oil an ultimate health enhancer. But why are there so many speculations when it comes to curing herpes? What makes herpes such hyped infection? Herpes was considered to be a highly contagious viral infection, and even today it is effecting many lives around the globe. As this fact has not changed, there is something else about herpes that modernization, education and even technology has failed to change. This is the […]

hydrogen peroxide cold sores treatment

Hydrogen Peroxide For Cold Sores – How Can Hydrogen Peroxide Cure Herpes?

Hydrogen Peroxide For Cold Sores – Is It Effective Enough to Cure Herpes? Avoiding fluid formation in cold sores is as impossible as avoiding cold sores in herpes outbreak. You can not do anything but watch the virus entering into your body first, and then you silently observe outbreaks because here also you cannot do much. But yes, you can actually control the cold sores. You can really stop the fluid from oozing out of the cold sores. You can make them dry out fast and can also avoid itching. The process also is simple enough. All you need is hydrogen peroxide for cold sores treatment. When everything goes out of the way, hydrogen peroxide for cold sores is the only tool that will help you get out of the hell created by the cold sores and their torturing symptoms. Can you guess what is worst about cold sores? Some will say it is the pain, while others will mark the itching as the most torturing symptom of cold sores. I think the worst part is the humiliation you see on the faces outside when they notice the cold sores on your face. Cold Sores and Herpes Herpes is a […]

herpes gladiatorum


What is Herpes Gladiatorum And How Does It Affect Us? Also known as herpes of the wrestlers or herpes rugbiorum, herpes gladiatorum is a skin infection caused by herpes simplex virus 1. Yes, the same virus that is responsible for causing oral herpes. Do you know the story behind so many names of one infection?  The herpes gladiatorum is known as herpes of the wrestlers from the day it was reported that in a camp of high school wrestlers 60 out of 175 wrestlers were found to be infected with herpes gladiatorum. This infection is generally passed from one sportsperson to the next and hence it is often associated with sports like rugby. When the virus is the same, you can expect a few similarities between the two infections- herpes gladiatorum and oral herpes. But do you know what the major difference between the two is? Oral herpes is a sexually transmitted disease while herpes gladiatorum is not. Herpes gladiatorum is spread by the same virus but not through the same medium. It doesn’t require you to be sexually engaged with your partner but only skin to skin contact is enough for this virus to migrate to the other body. […]

Natural Herpes Remedies


Natural Herpes Remedies – Better Than Antivirals The market is full of every type of antivirals and your home too has many variants of the same if you are a herpes patient, but have you ever thought of trying the natural herpes remedies? Do you even know that all natural substances can cure herpes better than antivirals? Are you aware of the benefits of using natural remedies for herpes outbreak over antivirals? I guess not, because if at all you were aware of the facts associated with the power of natural remedies for herpes virus, you would have not been using the harmful antivirals today. Anyways, for those have heard something about the side effects of drugs due to the prolonged use of antivirals, we have collected some very effective herpes natural remedies. For those who are still slaves to antivirals, it is high time you guys wake up and analyze your present health condition. Check your body out for the changes you have experienced after you started using antivirals and you will definitely figure the difference out. If you have not been in touch with anyone of these in past, just try any one out of the list and you […]

natural cure for herpes

What Is The Cure For Herpes – Medication Or Natural Remedies

What is the Cure for Herpes – We Are Still Living in a Dilemma Today you will definitely get to know about what is the cure for herpes virus. “Herpes cure”- a topic surrounded with so many questions and no trustworthy answer. If there is a cure for herpes, what is it? Is there something that can beat herpes virus? If I say yes, many of you must think you are dreaming and in case I say no,.22 you must feel heartbroken. This is the dilemma all the herpes patients are living there lives with. There is no relation with truth, but only a game of emotions going on everywhere. It is unfortunate but true. Herpes is a infection spread all around the world, every other minute you have many newly infected herpes patients, but when it come to herpes cure, not much has been said. And whatever said is not backed by authentic facts and figures making it hard to be trusted. Many of you even today might find it hard to believe a yes in response to- “Is there a cure for herpes?” It is not your fault as many websites claim that there is no cure for herpes […]

vaccination for herpes

Have Researchers got some vaccine for Herpes?

Herpes Cure Breakthrough – Have Researchers got some vaccination for Herpes Virus? One breakthrough in the field of herpes cure- all what was needed to make the world herpes free has become a reality now. Recent developments in the researches and successful outcomes have made it possible to cure herpes up to certain extent. Earlier we had only one favor for herpes patients- medication for herpes. These antivirals were the only helping aid during herpes outbreak. For these also every herpes patient had to pay a high cost not only in terms of money but in terms of bearing the side effects on their overall health. Money part was totally bearable but the later one is impossible to pay for. Instead of curing herpes, there was an exchange offer going on between herpes symptoms and other temporary as well as permanent ill effects. Buying an antiviral was like getting rid of painful herpes symptoms at the cost of inviting some other dangers to your health. Do you think this is the way herpes cure should be? But due to lack of awareness and shortage of treatment options, all the herpes patients were happily exchanging there herpes symptoms during outbreak with […]

Oregano oil for herpes

Herpes Cure – How to Treat Herpes With Oregano Oil

How Effectively can Oregano Oil Cure Herpes? If you have a dream of living a herpes free life, the oregano oil is the key to turn that dream into reality. Oregano oil is that home remedy for herpes which can catch the virus, take it out from where it is hidden inside your body and kill the worst nightmare for once and for all. This natural cure for herpes has all the properties required for treating herpes and eliminating herpes simplex virus from your body. Oregano oil is different from all other alternatives available for herpes treatment because they are temporary pain relievers and cannot reach the virus. How oregano oil for herpes treatment work as an effective remedy to treat the malady? What is oregano oil and what makes it a solution for herpes? Oregano oil is the oil extracted from the leaves of oregano, a plant native to Europe, small, bushy but hard perennial herb. Oregano oil has been used for ages now due to its excellent therapeutic properties. With more than 40 species belonging to this class, for medicinal uses the most beneficial is Origanum Vulgare. In ancient times it was considered as a symbol of happiness and […]

Facial Herpes Treatment – Herpes On Face Treatment Without Side-Effects

Facial Herpes – Is Facial Herpes Treatment Available for Us? No matter how hard you try to hide them, they speak of their existence to the world; this is what makes facial herpes your worst nightmare. Some of its uncommon names are oro-facial herpes, herpes labialis and herpes febrilis. HSV-1, the virus causing facial herpes, is the more prevalent virus than herpes simplex virus 2, with 65% of population in the United States having antibodies to HSV-1. Herpes simplex 1 generally infects the area above the stomach; mostly face is the common site for cold sores, what we call facial herpes often. In facial herpes, a group of fluid-filled blisters starts appearing on the red swollen areas of the skin or on the mucous membranes. Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 invades the cells of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, causing fluid-filled blisters to appear. Just before the pimple like lesions are developed an itching and burning sensation is felt which is generally ignored due to its mildness. The areas can be tender and painful. The blisters heal without scarring but they have a tendency of reoccurring. And if you do not use any remedy for treatment of cold […]

topical treatment for genital herpes

Topical Treatment For Genital Herpes – Natural Cure For Herpes

Topical Treatment for Genital Herpes – How To Cure Genital Herpes? Continuous itching, unstoppable tingling and the redness speaking of the pain are the most common symptoms associated with genital herpes. There are some internal symptoms like fever and fatigue that can be managed with the help of antivirals or the natural products, but what about these irritating external symptoms. The cold sores are often followed by great deal of discomfort that no one other than a herpes patient can understand. Taking oral medicines and oral remedies is not enough for treating the cold sores in genital herpes and you need to go beyond this. We have discussed some topical treatment for genital herpes that are of great use for every genital herpes patient. The options for topical treatment for genital herpes are: Honey Let’s now discuss about Honey and herpes. Honey is the secret behind beautiful and glowing skin, but if we talk about its medicinal properties in healing the infections, they make this sweet product even sweeter. Pain and crusting is also significantly reduced with the honey, compared to the drug. Due to its antiviral properties you can use it as a replacement to the drugs and due […]

genital herpes

Home Remedies For Herpes Outbreak – 7 Lesser Known Home Remedies Can Efficiently Treat Herpes

Home Remedies for Genital Herpes- Is It Really Effective? Genital herpes was a dreadful name and is still a horrible infection which no one can even dream of suffering from. This will be the same until you know some amazingly effective home remedies for genital herpes. All the attempts to treat the infection medicinally have failed badly and only because of this the people desperate about herpes treatment searched natural products. And at this stage we all realize that what we call alternative treatment is something much more effective, efficient and fruitful not only for treating genital herpes, but for all other diseases medicines cannot cure. One can find anything he or she wants in the lap of nature. And going against the natural laws is never beneficial. Herpes patients relied only and only on antivirals for years previously because they had no other option. In fact there were many other options, but not awareness about them. Even today, if you search the internet for genital herpes treatment, you will get a dozens of names but all will be medicines. Nowadays also the status was almost same until some throttling revelations were made regarding the ill effects of antibiotics. Those antivirals […]

oral herpes

Oral Herpes Cure Via Natural Methods – Natural Herpes Cure

Oral Herpes Cure – Is There a Cure for Oral Herpes? Herpes was a topic of humor for me till I saw those sores near my lips one morning. I was in a frame of mind that genital herpes is much more dangerous than oral herpes but the truth was what I felt after developing oral infection. Although the causative organism behind oral herpes belongs to the same class of herpes simplex virus, but the site of outbreak makes a huge difference. You can hide the undesirable and painful sores under cloths if you are infected with herpes simplex 2 but in case of oral herpes, it is impossible. It is a big factor that only a herpes patient can understand. Nothing can help you avoid that humiliating conversation and laugh that follows the sores on or near your lips in oral herpes. Even when no one notices your face you feel like the entire world is staring at your sores. At times people pass by smiling just to say hi, and you feel they are laughing on your sores. Even your relatives and closed ones start staying away from you after recognizing herpes.  This is the most challenging situation […]

Herpes cure 2017

Herpes Cure 2017- Have We Got Some Significant Remedy

Herpes Cure 2017 – Is it Really Effective for Curing Herpes Herpes has done unthinkable when you take a look at how many people are infected with the herpes simplex virus and also the deepness of wounds in each individual. The ease with which the virus can be transmitted from the carrier to the target is thought to be responsible for the huge number of herpes patients living a miserable life in every corner of the world. But there is one more governing factor that has led to the world full of herpes patients, and that is the excessive dependency of human race on medication for herpes with which herpes is incurable. All the research and efforts to find a medicine for the cure for herpes have failed badly till 2016 and it is not about only a year or two but entire half of a century. It has been almost 50 years since we started looking for what we are still dying to find out. Even with research yielding no positive output we continue to survive on medicines. We know this condition is going to be the same in 2017 also and still if you choose to treat those small […]

Natural Remedies for Herpes

Herbal Cure For Herpes – 8 Remedies For You To Get Rid Of Herpes

Herbal Cure For Herpes – Magic Of Nature If you leave your body to heal itself during a herpes outbreak, the virus may continue hampering your work for almost two weeks. And if you rely on medicines loaded with chemicals and harmful drugs, you end up gifting your own body bunch of side effects. What is the solution then? How to deal with the frequent outbreaks so that they do not disturb your life for weeks? It is not that difficult if you know how much helpful herbs and herbal products are in curing herpes i.e. benefits of herbal cure for herpes. Nature has gifted mankind many amazingly capable herbs that can heal human body without introducing any side effects and all of them are being used for time immemorial now. This means you do not have to wait for a significant discovery, neither you have to worry about the side effects, only thing you should be concerned about is curing herpes if you choose herbal treatment for herpes. Let us see some very famous and proven herbal cure for herpes that being a herpes patient you should know. Read more to get further details about the herbal remedies for herpes […]

herpes cureable herpes

No Cure For Herpes Yet – Why Is There No Cure For Herpes

Why Is There No Cure For Herpes? Why is there no cure for herpes? This question must be bothering you in whatever possible way from the very day you got to know that you are a victim of herpes, right? You must be feeling all the negative things and curses one can have in life. Embarrassed! Hesitated! Frustrated! Ashamed! And whatever negative feeling you can think about. You must be searching desperately about any brilliant way regarding cure for herpes. There is internet to help you out, but unfortunately, it cannot help you this time because there is actually no permanent cure for herpes available yet which can claim to eliminate the herpes virus from roots. But, you need not think again and again about- “Why isn’t there a cure for herpes”, because we have some antivirals and methods for natural cure for herpes which can at least give you some relief from your pain and reduce the duration of re-occurrences of the symptoms. Before knowing the cure, you must always understand your disease. It’ll help you in further treatment of your disease. So, let’s talk about what is herpes and what are its symptoms and impacts. Facts about Herpes […]


Nature Has Solution For Every Question – 10 Herbal Remedies For Herpes Treatment

Herbal Remedies for Herpes- Are they really Beneficial? Herpes! An undesired, unwanted and uninvited situation that half of the US population is facing, right? What antivirals gift during treatment only adds to the troubles and plays no role in treating the disease. So, what next? Is there any alternate available? Is there a natural cure for herpes if we cannot believe on antivirals? Yes, it is available and today we are here to suggest you the same. You must have heard that nature has solution for every question. It’s not just a saying, but a truth. Yes, nature has given us herbal remedies for herpes. But, before talking about the remedy, we need to talk about the disease earlier. So, let’s talk about what herpes is and how does it affect you.   What is Herpes and How to Cure it? Herpes is basically a type of cold sores caused on your body due to the influence of Herpes Simplex Virus. It is a sexually transmitted disease which can occur to both men and women appearing in the form of small red, swelled and liquid filled blisters or sores near eyes, mouth, lips and genitals. Herpes can easily get transferred […]

olive oil for herpes

Olive Leaf Extract Herpes Cure – Can Olive Leaf Extract Cure Herpes

You may be having the feeling of happiness as well as doubt after listening about this remedy. But, it is true that this can effectively treat your herpes. But, today, before speaking about treatment, just have a short look on the facts related to disease and other treatment methods. Herpes! Why am I a victim of it? How will I face my relatives now? Will I ever be able to get rid of it? Is herpes curable? Yes, these are the common expressions and doubts visible on every sufferer’s face. I guess, herpes is no more a type of issue you are unfamiliar with. You all must be aware of the diseases, its symptoms and its effect on your physical as well as mental health. This contagious disease undoubtedly affects not only your body but your mind and soul also. The virus (Herpes Simplex Virus) spreading this disease play safe and smart enough not to be caught by medicines or even our immune system. And yeah, how can we forget talking about the effect of these antivirals claiming to cure our disease. I am not saying that they don’t influence the virus in any way. These medicines undoubtedly reduce the […]

Genital Herpes Cure – 10 Easy Remedies For Genital Herpes

Are you also one of those who can relate to every joke cracked on the topic of herpes very well? Do you prefer to leave a conversation in the middle whenever you hear the words “genital herpes” because of the threat of anybody getting to now that you too have it? If the answer is yes, trust me you need something more than herpes treatment. Now one question must be bothering you- Is there any cure for genital herpes? Well, it is available or not is another point of concern. You should at first realize that herpes is just an infection and instead of focusing on how to hide it, one should concentrate all the efforts in the direction of finding the right genital herpes treatment via the right remedies for genital herpes. I know it is easier said than done, but if you do not allow the virus to enter into your brain, it is not that difficult too. This is the step to be taken before going for medication and herpes physical treatment. Once you know what you have and how much can it harm you, the next step is how to deal with it. Genital herpes is […]

Herpes cure 2017

Some Lesser Known Remedies For Herpes – New Cures For Herpes

Quite Unknown But Beneficial Remedies for Herpes Doing something just because every one else is doing it in no way is a wise man’s way of dealing with the issues, likewise a real health freak would find his own way to treat herpes on the basis of what is most beneficial for him or her, not based on how many people are using it. Sometimes you have to dig deeper in order to find the diamonds, the same is the case with herpes cure. You would find the real herpes cures in many lesser-known remedies, but you should have an instinct of trying rather than adjusting with the famous one for it. Herpes is a very common infection and you can treat it with uncommon and lesser-known remedies only. If it was that easy, every herpes patient using the most common remedies and products would have been living a herpes free life, which in the current situation is unimaginable. Taking this into consideration we bring in front some lesser-known remedies for herpes which can turn out to be your new cures for herpes. Have a look. Some Remedies for herpes we are unfamiliar with: Saltwater This remedy can be used in […]